Not much going on at the moment. But it would be remiss of us not to mention this bit of merchandise newsThe Stamp Centre have new stocks in of their Red Dwarf dog tag, and signed Holly first day cover. TOS are sending out emails on Monday giving free shipping for both items, so watch out for that if you’re on their mailing list.

It’s perhaps odd that the tag uses the old, sans-serif Dwarf logo – not that it isn’t welcome, as I love it. Remind me to do that article I have planned on the various Dwarf logos used at some point. I promise that at the very least you won’t die from it.

Watch out for the other offers on The Stamp Centre site too – the Starbug Playset comes with a free mousemat, and the bottle stoppers come with a free gravity pen. The Playset is worth grabbing whilst you can if you want it, as it’s not in production any more. I’ll warn you that it’s extremely delicate, though – less a Playset, more a “stick it on your shelf and hope it doesn’t fall off” set…

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  • Ooh, I got one of those tags a few years ago at DJ. It still has pride of place next to my TARDIS and house keys.

  • Well, got mine yesterday. Got the “Let’s Get Out There” and “Smoke Me A Kipper” T-shirts as well. Not many left now, I got the last medium Kipper shirt, and one of the last medium Twat It shirts. The rest are small, and it’s a small small. Even I, with my racing snake physique, struggled to fit into one. Nice first day covers there, had a look at them, didn’t pick them up though.

    How nice to work less then 10 mins walk away from such a wallet-gouging pit of Dwarfyness.

    Mind you, these are still not as nice as my yellow-rocket Model Unit t-shirt. Or my Red Dwarf 6 Visual Effects Crew t-shirt. Or…

    I’ll stop there.

  • I might make a Red Dwarf Movie Crew T-shirt…

    If the movie gets made, I have something cool.

    If not, I have something not a lot of other people will have…

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