In this Scotsman piece. MP3 included.

I’m not convinced about Norm’s reason why “They’re dead dave” is remembered so well (I think it’s probably just that it’s an extremely good joke, and the repetition makes it memorable), but never mind. But the main problem I have with the piece is that given certain things he’s said recently, he seems to have a complete split personality as to his attitude towards Dwarf. Especially given his bigging up of his own role at the end of the piece…

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  • I think it’s nice hearing Hattie and Norman chatting about Red Dwarf like this. Norman’s explanation is very half-cut, it sounds like he gets a bit confused halfway through explaining.

    Have Hattie and Norman ever shared a stage at DJ? I can’t remember.

    In my humble opinion, I think that Norman will speak his mind, regardless of consequence. I also think it’s a matter of catching him at the right time, really.


    “Two comedians who used to be holograms.”

    Er… What? This is just journalistic na?vety again?

  • ive just realised, that day was the day I saw Norm preform. If only I’d went to the show the day before, I could have been mentioned. Then again, when I went, there was only about ten people, so practically a private preformance. :P

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