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  • *Yaaaay*! I’ve so been hoping they’d release the Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs all together on DVD, so this makes me a very happy camper. :)

  • > Series 2: Features the episodes ‘Kryten’ in which the crew of Red Dwarf finds an android called Kryten looking after three fellow crew members who have been dead for years… ‘Better Than Life’ in which Rimmer receives a note from his mother informing him that his father is dead, ‘Thanks For The Memory’ in which the crew wake up with no memory of what has happened over the past four days, In ‘Statis Leak’ the crew find a stasis leak which takes them back to the time of the original Red Dwarf… ‘Queeg’ sees Holly, the ship’s computer, replaced by Queeg 500. In ‘Parallel Universe’ the crew are thrown into a parallel universe, there they meet their female counterparts…

    Series 3: The complete third series of the television comedy science fiction programme. Features the episodes ‘Backwards’, ‘Marooned’, ‘Polymorph’, ‘Bodyswap’, ‘Timeslides’ and ‘The Last Day’.

    Did they get bored when they got to Series 3?

  • $49.99 RRP is quite good, isn’t it? Especially considering that Doctor Who boxsets get listed at ?69.99…

    And lovely to see the DVDs round off nicely with the Smeg Ups and Outs! A wholly satisfying round of pre-ordering, I’d say.

  • >Did they get bored when they got to Series 3?

    Maybe they don’t like the remastered versions either.

  • Thing is though, I’m not getting it for the Remastered versions, since I already own copies of the eps‘n’all – so for me they’re padding that just hike the price up.

    I’d pay ?15-20 for a two-disc set with Bodysnatcher, the extracts, documentaries, etc. But with this, I’ll wait until it gets deeply discounted…

  • Yeah, it’s a great title.

    I meant to get round to rewriting this article to include more detail, but… well, I didn’t. So I might as well say here again: I am SO happy about Just The Smegs. I’ve gone from not being that interested, to really really wanting a copy, all in the space of a year. And then it suddenly appears!

    I’m sure there will be the usual tedious complaints about ripping off fans, but I don’t care. It’s better piccy quality, it takes up less space on the shelf, the VHSes have been deleted for years anyway, they’re far more entertaining than the Smeg Ups on the main DVD releases (purely by their nature, rather than anything lacking on the main DVDs), and it’s at a bargain price. I’m sold.

  • I was umming and ahhing about whether the seperate release of the smeg ups etc
    was a good idea. Calling it Just the smegs, is perfect. Makes it fit with those other box sets which I’d forgotten about. I will still get it for the reasons john says.

  • > Your loss.

    You don’t have to budget?

    Andrew / Fri, 2007-08-24 00:05 / new / #

    Tomorrow. Reddwarf.co.uk. News.

    You update on Saturday now? :p

  • ?39.99 is just about as expensive as most 4 disc box sets get I guess. As I have a birthday around that time I will probably get it but I hope that the price won’t impact too severely on sales.

  • I’m assuming that as mentioned on TOS back when the smeg ups was
    released on UMD, that this update will be the version shown
    on the dvd?

    “50-minute outtakes compilation (cunningly edited, with new voiceover
    by Robert, to replace the old merchandise promotional section
    for something more up-to-date, directing fans to this very website)”

  • Both the Ups and Outs have been…tactfully adjusted with regards to their merchandise plugs, but otherwise are unchanged. (No missing ‘Stocked to the gills” outtakes here!) :-)

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