Starhyke on DVD?

The ship Nemesis. I was so tempted to put a picture of Claudia Christian's tits here instead, though.

The last time we mentioned Starhyke, we reported on their trailers and their preview at Memorabilia (an excellent article by Steve Harris) – but there was no news of a proper showing for the series. Well, via Wikipedia, we’re told that “The series will be released on DVD by Blackhorse Entertainment in late 2007, and once post-production is completed, further discussions about a broadcast date will be arranged.”

The information is sourced to the official Starhyke site – but it’s been offline the last few days. Weirdly, however, the Stahyke fansite is down too. Isn’t it a bit strange that both would go down at once? Coincidence, or something MORE SINISTER? And if you were running a fansite and had to take it down temporarily, wouldn’t you put up a more descriptive message than “TEST”?

Still, whatever’s going on there, the news is clearly true – as shown by Google’s cache. SEE MY FEET TWIST AND DANCE AS I TRY TO AVOID ANY MENTION AS TO WHETHER I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS OR NOT.

UPDATE @ 11:20pm: Starhyke official site now back online (although the fans one is still down), with the full announcement on the DVD. Bah. I knew it’d go back up as soon as I posted this article…


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  1. The fansite is up now, too…if anyone is interested.

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