2008 Calendar! Prints and canvases! Mobile episodes!

You know the drill by now. Feast your eyes on the TOS Friday update, and once Dimension Jump is over we’ll write something enormously cruel and frighteningly witty.

Oh, and what’s that, you say? You’d like a little scoop from one of our agents in the field at DJ? Oh, alright then. Nothing there at the moment but the promise of stuff to come, but I think our earlier scoop has already got us pretty prepared for the form these “episodes” will take. Still, though – get speculatin’!


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  1. I still think it sucks that the animations are only being offered via mobile; I mean, yeah, take advantage of all the technology available, but why make them exclusive to one particular format? I suppose they assume that, as with the DVDs and DVD players, almost everyone has one, but it’s a little different given that the cell phone is generally an addition to, rather than a replacement for, a landline.

    ‘Course, I can’t help holding out hope that the few of us who don’t have mobiles will be able to check them out one way or another at some point (besides the little DVD sample, I mean)!

  2. >the few of us who don?t have mobiles

    And the rest of us who *do* have mobiles but didn’t bother to invest in one at twice the price for the sake of video capability.

  3. > I still think it sucks that the animations are only being offered via mobile; I mean, yeah, take advantage of all the technology available, but why make them exclusive to one particular format?

    Yeah! When do we get the DVD content come out on 8-track tape? :-)

    (The answer to your question, of course, is ‘commerical viability and common sense’.)

    Not sure where the assumption comes that things must only be released on a format once everybody owns the player in question. The first RD website launched in 1998 and I didn’t get an internet computer until 2001. We were half-way through the Dwarf DVDs before my parents got their first player (which I bought them for Christmas). The release of something on a format you don’t have isn’t automatically unfair. If we released content on HD-DVD now, it wouldn’t be unfair to you.

    Proliferation of mobiles in-use is more than one-per-person in the UK – per person, not per household. There are more home mobiles than home landlines. We’re talking small video capability here, not just top-end phones – once half the people around can play the things, it’s not unreasonable to do something for that market.

    No, not everyone can afford them, but not everyone could afford a DVD player in 2002. Kids are gettng new phones every 18 months. Plus, of course, video-ready contract phones are – at start-up, anyway – pretty inexpensive.

  4. Good point, Andrew. I remember being upset in a similar (though much more substantial) way when the VHS/DVD transition was taking place…back when you could still get a copy of anything in either format, but the DVDs were getting all of the bonuses. (And, in many cases, were already less expensive.)

    I think the difference there is that, before long, I began to realize that there’d be a real benefit to upgrading to a DVD collection, and that, in the course of time, it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

    Frustration comes when something like this happens and you’ve got some things you’d like to see that only exist on a format that still isn’t quite worth upgrading to. It’s there…it’s your choice…but, in your heart, you know you’ll never make the switch.

    It’s okay. I was similarly upset that the Futurama video game came out for every system but the one I owned. It’s something you’d love to try out…but nothing else about the switch makes it appealing.

  5. G&T Admin

    Same like the Sonic Gems Collection that DIDN’T come out for the Xbox. I got really annoyed with that. (The Sonic Mega Collection didn’t sell well enough) :(

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