Just before we went offline, we had an excellent scoop from the ever-wonderful Jonsmad, concerning the Red Dwarf Mobisodes project – first mentioned by GNP in this DVD Details article. In short: the company doing the project was LSM, and the idea behind it, in their own words, is “Classic scenes from the cult BBC TV series, distilled by LSM into short, animated clips for mobile phones”.

Well, I’ve just been on the LSM site, and all mention of the project has been removed! And when you view their showreel, all the Dwarf clips have been gone… apart from one, extremely brief shot of the (excellently, un-remastered) Dwarf ship. Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happened there, don’t you?

Ah well. I find it difficult to shake off the feeling that the project – at least for hardcore fans – is more interesting as a way of keeping the show alive, and thus the potential for new Dwarf in the future, rather than itself being great. But let’s wait and see…

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  • Oh dear. Sorry to GNP if the danny wasnt supposed to be out of the bag over this. But man, why ever these smallest of clips have been removed, I have to say blimey thats a bad edit trying to take the ship out. Surely these people work frame by frame afterall!

    Im still looking forward to them very much. I?m veiwing the project as like animated trading cards, somethin good and fun, rather than expecting full blown new dwarf excitement.

  • Yes, I wondered about the bad edit too – I meant to mention that, but forgot. A very rushed job to say the least, but it wouldn?t have taken more than five seconds longer to do it properly?

  • > Sorry to GNP if the danny wasnt supposed to be out of the bag over this.

    That took me ages to work out…

  • Now even the ship is gone from the reel….hmm….maybe you were mistaken. Maybe the footage doesn’t ever have existed here before?

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