Rarities! New Rob & Doug footage! Wrinkles! Desktop Backgrounds! More to come!

So, finally the last ‘Coming Soon’ section on the Downloads page has sprung to life, offering you goodies old and new. Here’s what we’re launching with:

Wrinkles: This is a collection of the various downloads been made available through various articles, which is handy for all 0.8 of you that fancy downloading an episode every now and then.

Rob & Doug on Bite Back: Ho yuss. Never let it be said that delving head first into Ian Symes’ dusty and foul smelling archives doesn’t reap rewards. This little beauty is taken from an 1993 edition of the BBC show Bite Back. The item in question is about sci-fi at the BBC, and spends a decent amount of time talking about Red Dwarf (or Red Der-warf, as people seem to insist on calling it) and, more importantly, talking to Rob & Doug. It’s a lovely piece and it’s fascinating to see a dub actually IN ACTION. Also, there’s some lovely stuff about Doctor Who, with all this hindsight we have.

So, enjoy that. In the next few days I’ll be sticking on the rest of the new rarities stuff we’ve collected, which is basically every last second of the junctions from Red Dwarf Night in 1998, including ‘Red Dwarf Night Continues After these Messages…’ bumpers, trailers for other BBC shows, ‘Skutter & 2’ idents and Patrick Stewart’s fevered ramblings between shows. I can almost hear you pop with oily excitement from here.

Finally, for those who haven’t noticed, we have two new Desktop Backgrounds in the Recreations section. They’re probably two of my favourites, so well done again Danny! He’s really very good indeed.

10 comments on “Rarities #1 – Rob & Doug Interview

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  • And yet again, Dwarf proves that it doesn’t work in clip form! (And what’s with that massive ugly border on the clips, anyway?)

    Brilliant stuff, though. God, it’s *really* weird seeing the edit suite used for VI. And how lovely to see Rob and Doug. Weird the narrator keep calling Dwarf a “drama series”, though.

    The piece is actually quite well put together. It strays into the old cliches far too much, but it does put forward the case for more SF on the BBC *properly*, exactly in the way that everyone used to complain about, so I can forgive that.

    The Who stuff is fascinating. “It’s got to be at the right time, with the right team…”

    Anyone got any idea what that big project planned for BBC ONE was, mentioned near the end? Was it ever made? Please don’t tell me it was Invasion: Earth

  • And what?s with that massive ugly border on the clips, anyway?

    I was wondering that. It looks the same as was used on BBC News at the time when they had a reporter “on the line”, so my guess is it was a new bit of kit everyone wanted to play with :)

  • > Anyone got any idea what that big project planned for BBC ONE was, mentioned near the end? Was it ever made? Please don?t tell me it was Invasion: Earth?

    Can’t have been, that was years later. 1998 I think. (Shame that was so duff. Mercurio is at his best with medicine. Bodies is the best medical drama I’ve even seen – it’d be on my top 5 best-dramas-ever list and welcome to marry my sister any time.)

    BBC SF in 1993/4, though? I’m stumped. Maybe it didn’t happen.

  • Could it possibly be BUGS? Although it didn’t actually start until 1995, it may have been in the very early stages of discussion at the time. After all, they do talk about it being a major project, which the show was (it had a pretty large budget, as I recall), and BUGS was designed to be ‘serious sci-fi’, as they mention.

  • Could well be BUGS, actually.

    I never watched it at the time (my house was SF-free as I was growing up – I missed out on all kinds of great stuff). Is it worth hunting out?

  • It was decent. I mostly remember a plot from the end of S1/beginning of S2 (?) where the female lead (Roz?) got a computer virus in her head that would mindwipe her if she ever found out about it (she had to use a booby-trapped headset to avoid something bad happening with anti-matter, and told the other two not to tell her about it. Naturally, she got suspicious that they were hiding something from her…)

    After that, it got a revamp into “secret government agency” for S3, which was alright, then Cast Changed between the S3 finale and S4 opening so that a red-headed Aussie guy became a brown-haired English guy between scenes, which was jarring.

  • It was silly, silly fun. No substance at all, but you were pretty much guaranteed a ticking clock and a bomb going off every week. So that made everything pretty much okay by me at the time.

    I picked the up entire boxed set on DVD. It doesn’t stand up to the memory, or repeated viewings. Shame.

  • Herman Goering was better than Crime Traveller. OK, he was a drug-crazed Nazi transvestite, but at least his rules were consistent.

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