Two bits of Bodysnatcher news on TOS this week. And what they lack in hilarious sarcasm, they make up for in interest.

First of all, the Rob and Doug interview is now available on the Bodysnatcher minisite. As tempting as it is to postulate theories as to why it’s Doug that looks slightly uncomfortable in that interview whilst Rob chats away ninteen-to-the-dozen, it’s probably inadvisable to do so. Still, it’s all fascinating stuff, with some interesting nuggets about the Bodysnatcher itself that haven’t shown up in any of the DVD Details articles so far. For instance, the reason the script was dropped has never really been gone into in detail; Rob calls it the “worst of the bunch” in the Son of Soup scriptbook, but that’s about it. This interview reveals that part of the reason was because they felt that as – due to its nature – it had to be the second episode, it tied them down slightly in terms of the running order of the episodes. Indeed, it would have prevented them putting out Future Echoes second.

Lots of great stuff, then, and well worth a watch. And yes: seeing Rob and Doug sitting there talking about Dwarf makes me ridiculously happy. A year ago, did we ever, EVER think this would ever happen again? Let alone this year. And it brings a fantasy to my mind about Dimension Jump XV in 2009…

The other bit of news is about the Bodysnatcher collectors booklet. Lovely news, all of it – I really like the Cat image in The End Remastered in itself, even though I don’t think it works as part of the episode, and the inclusion of the deleted scene from Bodysnatcher is a nice touch. (There is an argument to be made that the episode should have been left completely untouched when it was made for this release… but it being the centrepiece of the release, I can understand why they felt the need to twiddle slightly. And besides, it’s not like the episode would have ended up on-screen in exactly the form the script was in. especially as it didn’t have an ending – indeed, this deleted scene may well have been cut before broadcast anyway.)

But the best news is nothing to do with the booklet – every single piece of Remastered cover artwork is now available as desktop backgrounds. I may not be sold on the look of the Remastered ships, but that doesn’t stop the artwork being beautiful.

And there we go. What looks like the last DVD Details article until the UK release. We may be getting our review discs through the post next week; we’ll get a review for you as soon as possible. Until then: continue masturbating furiously. Not long to go…

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  • The choice of all black furniture, decorations and clothing is a bit odd, it has to be said. Is there even a reason?

  • Truth be told, it’s just the way things fell. Rob wore black on the day. Doug wore black on the day. Completely coincidental. And then we saw the room we were in…which had a black sofa and a black background!

    This was shot on DV, organised quickly and for zippo cash. So we didn’t decorate a set or pick costumes – we just got the guys into a room. So there was no element of ‘choice’, really. It’s just what happened.

    Canceling, buying new clothes, or going to a new room weren’t options with the time we had, and I think we all felt that the words were what mattered in the end.

  • Well it wasn’t even a problem for me (just one of many boring observations I tend to make), it’s just it seemed more than a coincidence that everything was black. But if it was, then it was I guess!

  • >We may be getting our review discs through the post next week; we?ll get a review for you as soon as possible.

    I’m looking forward to the review, don’t get me wrong, but the thing I’m most curious about is how long it’s going to take you to watch absolutely everything. At the very least you’ve got to be talking one solid weekend.

  • Yes, I refuse to write the review until I’ve seen pretty much everything. I cheated slightly on the commentaries when I did my VIII review, but I but this time I’ll listen to them all… and I’ve also got nine hours of text tracks to do!

    So a solid two days, yeah…

  • MIB VIII, the reality…

    Isn’t it just wonderful to see them talking together, nothing more to be said other than there’s the usual Dwarf ‘wasn’t it great to be part of’ feel that comes across with everyone/everything that’s talked about when it comes to Dwarf

    One sad note though:

    Contrary to common belief, it’s now official that ‘Bodysnatcher’ is seen as the ‘bastard’ child of Grant-Naylor when for years we’ve assumed it was Andrew Ellard :-)

  • It makes you feel great to see them sitting there talking about Dwarf. This is what it’s all about, it’s what makes this set so special IMO, just knowing that Rob and Doug have worked together again. And how about them saying they think it’s one of the strongest of the early episodes? Fantastic.

    By the way, I don’t think Doug looks uncomfortable at all. I don’t see how you can get that from the interview. Perhaps it’s time to stop over-analysing things that don’t need over-analysing.

  • > By the way, I don?t think Doug looks uncomfortable at all. I don?t see how you can get that from the interview. Perhaps it?s time to stop over-analysing things that don?t need over-analysing.

    *smacks performingmonkey over the head with a kettle*

  • Perhaps it?s time to stop over-analysing things that don?t need over-analysing.

    Which is *precisely* why I said it was inadvisable to read anything into it. Doug looking slightly uncomfortable – at least compared to Rob – was the first thing that struck me whilst watching the video, which is why I felt I had to at least mention it – but no, I don’t think you can read anything into it in the slightest, beyond someone perhaps not being that used to being in front of a camera with someone.

  • Can anyone help me get into the site? All I get is a Flash movie, which eventually shows me a static image of Holly and nothing else?

    I wish people wouldn’t make sites in Flash – it’s not as if web accessibility issues are unknown things these days. Spare a thought for the fact that maybe not everyone is accessing your websites on a Windows or Mac PC running Flash.

    Also, if you are going to build a website about Red Dwarf and want it accessible but can’t do it, hire John – he seems to be still doing that, at least.

    If someone has a direct link to the video file, or better yet, a capture of it in some better format, please let me know :)

  • Yes, I think it’s much more a case of Rob being very chatty and Doug not being so – at least in front of a camera.

  • > I don?t think you can read anything into it in the slightest, beyond someone perhaps not being that used to being in front of a camera with someone.

    Indeed. If you read any of their old interviews, or listen to the The End track and animated Easter eggs. Rob’s always been a bit more comfortable and forthcoming in these things. So, if anything, it shows that they’re pretty much behaving the same as they ever did…

    Matt – try:


    Obviously the usual ‘latest Flash, wait for load’ stuff applies.

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