Bodysnatcher Delayed

Fucksticks. Or: Fucksticks. The Bodysnatcher Collection has been put back from October 22nd to November 12th, due to technical probs. Not much more to say on that, really – it’s annoying, but I think we’ll cope – although I’m interested in what kind of technical problems could be involved with the release.

The new desktop background is lovely, though, and confirms my suspicion that I’d like the design a lot more when just used on its own – as the complexity of the image doesn’t matter then. (Oh, and it even works well on a widescreen monitor, if you just let it cut the top and bottom off rather than stretch it.)

Just The Smegs has been delayed too, from the November 5th to November 19th – just a week later than the Bodysnatcher release. This is apparently due to delays in getting the “never-before-released-on-DVD content” (in other words, the broadcast Smeg Ups programme from Red Dwarf Night) classified – although this has now shown up on the BBFC. Which reminds me – the Bodysnatcher Collection menus haven’t shown up yet (bar the opening sequence) – and we know that the main title screens are animated because we saw them at DJ…

Incidentally, for those CHEAPSKATES wanting the cheapest price on these releases, The Bodysnatcher Collection can amazingly be picked up at half-price from Woolworths. And Just The Smegs is £8.93 at The Hut and Asda. Just remember though, as I was told at a training session recently, customer service is more important than price – so for the sake of a few quid, it might be worth going with someone you’ve had a good experience with…

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  1. ?24.99 seems a very fair price for a 4-disc set. ?39.99 would have been pushing it slightly despite the great material contained within.

    Does anybody know whether Woolworths’ website prices usually match their instore prices though?

  2. Woolworth online delivers to the UK only though.

  3. I don’t think I can survive three more weeks! :o(

    although I?m interested in what kind of technical problems could be involved with the release.

    Me too.

  4. Probably nothing more than issues with the mastering… I hope!

    Let’s hope that Rob and Doug haven’t fallen out again… Where was he for Dimension Jump? Anyone find out yet?

  5. I hope that isn’t the case with Rob and Doug. I think for the most part, my excitement for the Bodysnatcher DVD obviously comes from the fact that those two reunited for this DVD!

  6. JohnnyW
    >Let?s hope that Rob and Doug haven?t fallen out again? Where was he for Dimension Jump? Anyone find out yet?

    I hope one day we will find out, but it may remain a mystery.
    We must get Sherlock Homes and his homeboy, Dr Watson, on the case!

  7. G&T Admin

    Woolworths have stuck the price back up to ?37.97 for Bodysnatcher!

    Did anyone buy it at ?24.99? Have they honoured it?

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