I was gonna post this as a proper poll, but with the amount of options, it would just look STUPID. Which is a testament to how crammed this release is.

So – which part of The Bodysnatcher Collection (full contents list here) are you most looking forward to? That includes the Remastered episodes, if you wish. We’ll tot up the results in a week or so…

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  • Yes, it would be the Rob and Doug commentaries for me too.

    Also looking forward to all of the other commentaries (fairly obviously as I moaned about them for so long) and the docs.

  • 1. The End: The Original Assembly How Red Dwarf really began. The first episode – before the re-shoots.

    2. “The Beginning” Original Documentary / The full story behind the making of Series I.

    3. Tongue Tied Archives

    In that order.

  • >Oh, and the booklet will be worth a look, too?

    Okay, so hands up everyone who thinks The Bodysnatcher Collection is just one last excuse for Andrew to drop tantalizing hints about some new feature every week or two?

    Alright, and keep your hands up if you think he’s doing it with his pants off.

  • Full-length episode-by-episode doccos for series one and two, because two in particular is my favourite series.

    Although Rob and Doug on commentaries pushes that close.

  • > Alright, and keep your hands up if you think he?s doing it with his pants off.

    Sorry, I can only raise one hand right now…

    Hard to believe the DVD would be out on Monday if we hadn’t had to delay it. I’m looking forward to the responses – to Re-Dwarf, the big docs and the text tracks, mostly, I guess. Simply cos they’re the things that I’ve had the most to do with.

  • I find it hard to decide, but I do think the Rob and Doug worst interview with commentary is going to be very popular.

  • Re-Dwarf was the thing I was most looking forward to at one point, until the commentaries were announced. Oh, and the gallery. God, I can’t wait for that.

    In terms of pure *value* though, the text tracks have to be right up there. Nine hours of great stuff, that makes the inclusion of the Remastered series something I’m actually looking forward to.

  • >> Alright, and keep your hands up if you think he?s doing it with his pants off.

    >Sorry, I can only raise one hand right now?

    *Chokes on Koala biscuit due to shock and giggles*

  • For me it’s the “DAD” script i’m watching first.

    I’ve been wondering about that script for almost 2 decades now.
    And It’s already surprising from what has been said of it.

    Then probably watch the Series two doc. At least the first
    red dwarf dvd had that launching doc and some writer commentary.
    But series two being cover in depth I cant wait to see.

  • It’s gonna have to be the Documentaries, and the text tracks. Coz i love trivia tracks.

  • The End assembly cut is the first thing I’ll watch, then with Rob and Doug commentary. Then Bodysnatcher first without then with Rob and Doug. Then quickly switch to the script extracts, complete with Rob and Doug (you do realise we’re getting ROB and DOUG commentaries?! and on things we’ve NEVER SEEN/HEARD??!?!???!! I think that fact has just sunk in this very moment)

    I just can’t wait for every last smegging feature on this set. Usually there are a couple of things that I couldn’t give a fig about (e.g. ‘Life in Lame’ and the music montages, a couple of which I’m damn sure I’ve never actually looked at).

  • That’s a good point, actually. There’s usually *something* I’m not interested in – but no, there’s nothing here. (Well, apart from the Mobisode. But that hardly counts as a proper extra, really.) I even want to see the Remastered series, because of the text track!

  • The End: The Original Assembly…

    It’s a hard choice with so much on offer, but this grabbed my attention the most..

    Guaranteed though, this will change when I’ve watched it all. Every release so far has thrown up something that has delighted me more than I expected from the blurb..

  • Most exciting for me is the remastered episodes on their own, closely followed by the Doug and Ed commentaries.

    I’m particulary looking forward to their thoughts on individual remastered scenes, rather than the project as a whole. An example of this would be the new Bodyswap chase sequence.

    Of course, it’s not exactly new anymore, is it?

  • > Most exciting for me is the remastered episodes on their own

    This is awfully nice to hear. Between the doc, commentaries and text track, I’m hoping the remastered eps get a second look. On DVD they’ve scrubbed up much better than the VHS versions.

  • > On DVD they?ve scrubbed up much better than the VHS versions.

    Unfortunately, picture quality is pretty low on my list of problems.

    I’ll never forget that Gavin had no idea what I was talking about a few years ago when I started quoting the ‘Black Card’ scene at him as he’d only seen the remastered versions. A sad day.

  • I do like the remastered versions, and most of them are available on Virgin, but what versions are they taken from? The only problem I have is one of my favorite music cues was cut and replaced from The Last Day. Where Kryten is getting ready for his party, the montage bit, even rocky had a montage!

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