You see, because the box says “Made in Titan”, and we’re Ganymede and… oh, look, forget it.

Anyway, do you want to win a copy of Bodysnatcher? Of course you do. And you already can. But do you ALSO want to win a copy of Just the Smegs AND a weird funky headset thing worn by Ed Bye during the making of the Remastered episodes? You do? Well, aren’t we a greedy ungrateful bastard? Luckily, GNP, BBC Worldwide and Youtube are your friend.

Yes, you’ve probably seen this already, but in the interests of completeness, let’s cover it : go to this Youtube video, and in addition to seeing Bobby Llew being his usual ebulliently funny self, you’ll find information about a rather good competition that the Beeb’s Youtube channel is currently running – essentially, the aim is to create a video review of your favourite Dwarf episode, series, DVD or DVD extra. Well, they say “favourite”, but they also stress that the review doesn’t necessarily have to be glowingly positive – so presumably, by “favourite”, they actually mean “the one you feel most like talking about”.

Anyway, there’s a lot of scope, and the competition will deliberately reward creativity in the writing and making of the video as opposed to what your opinions actually are. It’s ridiculously simple to enter, too – every household nowadays must at the very least have a webcam or a mobile that records video – and all you have to do is upload your video to Youtube, then post it as a “Video response” to Robert’s original missive. The deadline is 9th November, and Youtube users will vote on their preferred submissions by adding them to their Favourites list – creating a shortlist from which Robert himself will choose the winning entry! One winner will get the spangly headset and the two DVD boxsets, and there’ll be boxsets for runners up, as well. Oh, and unlike most Dwarf competitions, it’s open worldwide!

It’s a shame that the Youtube community as a whole hasn’t always shown itself to be a shining beacon of taste, rationality and good sense, but we can but hope that the best videos will shine through. And if you needed any more incentive to get cracking, how about the fact that the competition’s been open since Friday, the info video has been viewed nearly twelve thousand times, but there still hasn’t been a single video response? Get in there!

But don’t steal my idea.

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  • Actually, Marleen, I was thinking you and I could make a video together. Nothing to do with the contest, though.

  • >The deadline is 9th November

    Holy barf, that’s soon!

    Any restrictions I should know about, such as a maximum length? Or one of those darn “UK residents only” clauses?

  • 10 minute max length. No location restrictions.

    I wonder if you can use clips from Red Dwarf to illustrate your point(s). I’ve decided I’m gonna do an episode I don’t like.

  • I already have an idea…but I have no idea how to work my video editing software, or even if it can realistically do what I’d like it to do.

    Well, crash course this weekend I guess.

  • The length restriction is YouTube’s, really. It just means your film has to appear in a single piece. (And 10 minutes is absolutely not a duration to necessarily aim for!)

    > I wonder if you can use clips from Red Dwarf to illustrate your point(s).

    Nobody gonna read the rules, huh? It says clips of up to 50 seconds right there…

    > I?ve decided I?m gonna do an episode I don?t like.

    Interesting interpretation of the word ‘favourite’, there. :-)

    Good luck everybody!

  • >The length restriction is YouTube?s, really.

    Oh, understood. Apologies if it sounded like I was griping. Ten minutes would be damned excessive, unless it were an absolutely brilliant entry.

    I’m sure I’d come in around five at the absolute max. That is, if I actually do this thing.

  • > Interesting interpretation of the word ?favourite?, there. :-)

    Alright alright. Robert clearly says it can be a critical review.

    > Robert Llewellyn, who played the hapless Kryten

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘hapless’ used to describe him before. Interesting.

  • Well, there’s finally been an entry, and at the risk of being unprofessional… it’s not much cop. I don’t want to say too much about it since I leave myself open to a barrage of criticism when I finally submit my own, but I will just say this – it’s supposed to be about “The End”, but beer milkshakes have absolutely nothing to do with that episode…

  • > > Interesting interpretation of the word ?favourite?, there. :-)

    > Alright alright. Robert clearly says it can be a critical review.

    He also clearly says favourite. Reviewing an epsiode you just plain don’t like isn’t fulfilling the criteria particularly well.

    But hey, it’s your time. Spend it how you like.

  • I like that it’s not just about favourite episode, though – I wonder how many people will go for covering a DVD extra, or one of the DVDs as a whole…?

  • My little editing programe on my PC killed it’s self after that plead thing, so I can’t do one.

    Aren’t you all feeling lucky now! ;D

  • > I wonder how many people will go for covering a DVD extra, or one of the DVDs as a whole??

    So long as it’s enough to placate my ego, I’m happy.

  • I plan on reviewing an extra, if it’s any consolation…and fooling with my software this weekend will pretty much make or break my idea.

  • Well you can have my idea, it might even get off the ground! It consits of a prop from Red Dwarf doing a review of the episode he/she appeared in. Can you get male or female props? Was Starbug male? Anyway, this is the idea i have been thinking about. I know the prop, and what episode, I just need to film it!

  • That was really rather great. Why does this look so much more professional that Norm’s awful Curb Your Enthusiasm homage/rip-off?

  • ‘doesn’t that happen in Shaun Of The Dead?’
    ‘Yeah but it happened in Red Dwarf first.’

    Yes! Excellent.

  • That’s so professional that it’s making me reconsider doing it at all. Perhaps it’s for the best. I was only going to stand in front of the camera in my pants screaming ‘smeg!’ over and over again.

  • To be honest, much like the first one, I’m not sure I’d fully class it as a review – but it’s so bloody well made that I don’t think it matters. If I don’t manage to get my submission finished in time to enter, I’m definitely voting for that one.

  • Well, it actually has review elements in it, it’s just really wrapped up in the other stuff.

    I’m definitely not bothering, now, though. Bastard.

  • I think it’s a great shame that this may have put off other entries…

    As good as it is, if people drop out of doing it, I think it’s taken away the fun element of it all. I was really looking forward to seeing loads of entries, good and bad…

  • I think a major flaw is that the quicker you do your entry, the more likely you are to get chosen – that vid has already been favourited loads of times already, which gives it a clear advantage over any that might come along later…

  • Which is why there’s a week after the closing date for voting to continue.

    Bear in mind that the shortlist IS a list, not just the top two entries. Also bear in mind that there has to be a runner up. ALSO bear in mind that a film that’s less slick could still be funnier, or be a much better review.

    It’s a good entry, no question. But I wouldn’t say it was a lock for winner.

  • I thought the beer milkshake one was alright.. it’s just someone expressing how much they like The End and then doing something to get some people to favourite it.

    Also, that beer milkshake probably tastes fine.

  • I thought it was a really good idea to do the beer milkshake, and it would have been at least decent, but the total lack of review in the film destroyed it :(

  • It’s interesting how none have really specifically reviewed at the moment – more just mentioned moments that they like (although I don’t really know about the animation one – I couldn’t get to the end of it as the accents were so off-putting). Mine is a slightly offbeat idea, but I’ve tried as much as possible to still incorporate a review into it.

    Sadly, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do it, as it relies on my having recovered from the BASTARD FLU before this Wednesday…

  • Does anyone fancy posting me a series 7 DVD so I can borrow for a week or so?

    Hard to do my review when I dont own, or have any intention of owning the series im reviewing from :-/

    Send recorded and I we refund postage and send recorded back to you.

  • (although I don?t really know about the animation one – I couldn?t get to the end of it as the accents were so off-putting).

    But it sounds exactly like you! But no, there was no review whatsoever. Sigh.

  • > (although I don?t really know about the animation one – I couldn?t get to the end of it as the accents were so off-putting)

    This is a shame, because as it goes along, the jokes actually get pretty good.

  • The beer milkshake one- hmm… I don’t think it would taste very good, and I really like beer.

    Inquisitor- That one was great.

    Animated- Surely there needs to be a greater percentage dedicated to actually talk about the episode? There’s like… one sentence.

  • There are now 8 entries attached to Robert’s vid, plus a couple more if you search for Red Dwarf Competition (presumably the entrants will sort that out)…

  • Jesus, is it really that difficult to work out what the word “review” means? Fifteen seconds of mumbling through false vampire teeth is not a review. Showing people how to make a curry is not a review.

    I’ve only seen a couple that are actual reviews so far. The best-made one by far – Inquisitor – didn’t actually review properly but I think gets away with it by virtue of being so excellent. Someone has also responded by saying that Red Dwarf “sucks balls” and that Robert has a small dick, which is nice. Oh, and one entry that I found was set to Private! O YES THAT WILL GET PEOPLE VOTING FOR YOU.

  • Yeah, that is really good, the movie bit with Robert made me laugh. A Lot. Clever device using Me? video as the main idea. Nicely edited as well. Good entry.

  • Weird coincidence – the text-being-painted-over trick used at the start of that video (and inspired, perhaps, by the titles of the Series II VHS releases) is EXACTLY what we’ve done for the opening title of the Re-Dwarf doc.

  • Cool, it’s been done quite well on here as well. In fact there is some nice compositing going on with that video…

  • My video is nicely shaping up to be the shittiest of the lot :D

    …although at least mine is a review… well more of a rant…

  • > Looking forward to your entry, Mick and I mean that very very sincerely?

    He’s very gentle.

  • Loved it. Don’t entirely agree (VII is better than VIII, y’know and can’t entirely see how OoT could ever be resolved well) but appreciate your no holds barred response.

  • I did mention to a few folks that it was rife with mistakes, most of it was filmed after 3 days without sleep, and on the 4th day it was edited togeather.

    I also had to cut a bit rant out I recorded at about 4am because I made some seriously innapropriate remark about a Chris Veale and a certain charity for the mentally handicapped :-/

  • > and a certain charity for the mentally handicapped

    Now I know you wouldn’t make fun of the Spastic society would you…..?

    You fucking spastic.

    I would actually love to see what you cut out.

  • Consignia and Scope… it’s the Post Office and the Spastic Society!

    Well, I missed the deadline. This is because my video would have involved recording myself singing a SONG, and I got a bastard cold and couldn’t do it in time. I’ll post the lyrics at some point soon, though, so you can all see how brilliant it would have been and how I definitely would have won.

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