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  1. That’s a bit interesting isn’t it.

  2. G&T Admin

    I’ll try and write a review this weekend.

    Can’t say I like the sample bit of mobisode at all, to be honest. But I’ll go into that in my review.

  3. Can’t see a price. Is this like Jamster, who charge you ?5 for the privilege of just re receiving a text from them, every day?

  4. For once I really wish I had a bloody mobile!

  5. The first text won’t cost you anything – and doesn’t subscribe you on its own. Pitch are a safe, non-dodgy operator. A subscription is, I think, ?3. But get the info direct.

  6. Hmm. that was a bit poo. Oh well.

  7. I have a nice Nokia camera phone here you could have for nothing, but you have to come and get it :P

  8. Damn I knew I shuld ahve bought a new mobile a while back. :(

  9. I texted, got a service message which was error-full when I tried to retrieve it.

  10. hopefully its just teething issues.

  11. G&T Admin

    This news is getting covered EVERYWHERE across the net, BTW. I have a Google Alert on “Red Dwarf”, and I get several stories a day about it pop into my inbox.

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