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Nothing like a quiet news period just before the veritable storm of a TOS Friday Update to once again bring your attention to the tortured genius of Danny ‘Wallpaper’ Stephenson and his band of Dancing Desktop Backgrounds.

In recent days we’ve added three new ‘Recreations’ (New Crew, Scanner Scope and TIV) and one new wallpaper into the ‘Art’ section. If you need to ask about the last one, then you probably wouldn’t understand if we told you.

And no, I can’t decide whether I want to call them wallpapers or backgrounds. What of it?

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  1. I do like the TV Licence one.

  2. >I do like the TV Licence one.

    Dito on that.

  3. Of course, this week’s TOS update is… er… a DVD checklist. Dubious!

  4. G&T Admin

    They’ve also rejigged the news so that they fit into “At Speed” and “In Depth” categories.

  5. G&T Admin

    I did notice that, i was going to mention it…

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