Bodysnatcher doco preview!

No time for a tortured pun today, I’m far too excited about this. With many thanks to Michael Warren for pointing us towards this via our excellent Forum, there has been a thirty-second preview of It’s Cold Outside, the Series 2 documentary, posted as an advertisement on various pages of Empire Online! Now, considering that most sensible people will be browsing the internet on something other than Internet Explorer, they might not see adverts on websites. Which is why we’ve half-inched the clip for your downloading pleasure!

It’s Cold Outside Preview(30 secs, AVI file, DivX format)

This is lovely, obviously. So many good things in thirty seconds! There’s interview snippets with Chris, Craig, Doug and Rob G., along with an excellent rushes clip. Just think, prior to this release we never thought we’d see the original beach scenes from Better Than Life, and now we can see hilarious footage of Craig Charles been blown around, and Danny having to dance about to keep warm.

November 12th is only nine days away. Fuck me, if Play manage to get this out early, some of us could have the DVDs by this time next week. I think we can start getting excited now.

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  1. > if Play manage to get this out early


    In regards to the clip…wow. I can’t wait to see the full thing now.

  2. *Whimpers*
    Me want!

  3. >*Whimpers*
    >Me want!

    Well I’m sure we can work something out…I’m pretty much open tomorrow afternoon…

    Oh. You…meant the DVD.


  4. Is it just me, or is the audio horribly out-of-sync on that clip (the error message said I had to set it to 760ms, which got it back in sync…)

  5. HA HA DOUG SAID “YEAH NO”!!!111one

  6. On bodysnatcher page there is a rob and doug hard sell video.

  7. > On bodysnatcher page there is a rob and doug hard sell video

    There is one on the Just the Smegs page aswell.

  8. G&T Admin

    > Other extras include feature-length Making Of lookbacks at each of the first three seasons.

    Oh dear…

  9. > THAT?S a preview.

    You’ve really got my juices flowing now…..I won’t say WHAT juices however.

  10. Well, have informed that the DVD was posted this morning. Obviously it would be a miracle if it were to arrive tomorrow….or monday for that matter! (Damn Royal Mail!)

    But that preview certainly has me really excited. What really got me by surprise was the behind the scenes clip from ‘The End’. You can actually see the studio! and the camera crew! Never in a million years did I think I’d see any behind the scenes clips or images from Series I!!

    Certainly hope there’s more in the docco :o)

  11. G&T Admin

    Mine was posted on Thursday so I should hopefully have it by the time I get home on Monday!

  12. I still haven’t watched this. Not much point now… well, unless I end up dying tomorrow.

  13. “Mind that bus. What bus? Splat”

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