Have YOU won The Copysnatcher Competition? Probably not, but some people have.

The competition has closed, the entries have been scrutinised and the votes have been cunted. The standard of the entries was good. So good, in fact, that we’ve taken advantage of 2|entertain’s generosity to add a third place prize in the form of a copy of Just The Smegs. And so… THE WINNERS:

Third-Wise One of the first entries we got and very much a favourite. Points awarded for an amusing reference and sheer beauty in its simplicity.
Second-Wise Again attention to detail is rewarded here with references to Red Dwarf USA, the pencil Dwarf and the The End: Remastered, all of which scored high on the lol factor.
First-Wise The winner, I’m sure, you’ll agree is well deserved. It captures the spirit of the competition perfectly with amusing paint style editing, with some relevant references to the Remastered series with the Skutters and, more obscurely, the ‘sunning up’. Not great deal separates it from the second place entry, but I think Santa seals it.

So, well done to the winners! If one of the above is your picture then email me (cappsy@gmail.com) your unique entry number and we then we can arrange where to send your fabulous prize!

Thank you muchly to all of you who entered. It was a fun competition to judge. We’ll post a gallery of all the entries as soon as everyone has claimed their prize, so you can all lol as we have, as it really was a genuinely high standard of entries.

Once again, great thanks to the lovely people at 2|entertain who’ve been very generous in supplying all three of the prizes for this competition, cos we’re all hopelessly broke at the moment.

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  • Well done to the winners, even though I’ll have to persuade someone in the UK to buy it for me.

    I agree with Marleen, can we see all the others?

  • “We?ll post a gallery of all the entries as soon as everyone has claimed their prize”

    As soon as we’ve heard from the winners, you’ll see them soon enough.

  • If the other two don’t get claimed within a certain amount of time will the prize go to somebody else?

  • Excuse me for stating the obvious, but why didn’t people submit their names as well as their pieces of art? Just a thought.

  • We deliberately didn’t do it like that – hence the code system. We wanted entries to be anonymous, so we weren’t accused of favouritism.

    And yeah, I’m sure the prize will go to someone else if it’s not claimed. We’ll give people a good amount of time to claim first though, obviously.

  • I’d imagine if first or second prize doesn’t get claimed, the ones below it will get bumped up, and we’ll promote one of the runners-up to third (unless Jonsmad would rather get JTSm than Bodysnatcher!)

  • The second prize is me (cheers guys!). I’m in Barcelona until Sunday though and don’t have my entry number with me. Honest!

  • I didn’t enter, but if any of the prizes go unclaimed I would like to have them. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • >I didn?t enter, but if any of the prizes go unclaimed I would like to have them. Thank you for your cooperation.

    There’s a raffle prize unclaimed at a local supermarket…it’s a tin of Spam. You want?

  • Well done Pete. Nice one. Seb, kind of you to suggest the potential upgrade,
    but yeah given a choice I would prefer JTS as the prize as although Bodysnatcher
    is a more expensive dvd I’ve already got it now. I’m pretty sure the 1st place winner will appear before Christmas (get’s shot by a wax Hitler). And huge thanks to all of G and T for the competition.

  • >…and the votes have been cunted

    Lawlz misspellings. (But I feel a little let down that nobody noticed it before. I mean, this is Ganymede and Fucking Titan for fuck’s sake.)

  • Yes, when all the winners have claimed their prize, then we’ll post a gallery of the other entries.

    Well, it probably is d?j? vu, it sounds like it.

  • Huge thanks again, for my prize, I watched it last night, and the smeg outs section I didnt have much memory of seeing the links before so I guess I had probably only seen it once before. It’s not just the links that make it more fun watching these outakes as whole shows, the placing of outakes into groups of similar gaffs can make the footage have different cumulative effect. Like in the door sequence.

  • > Has nobody claimed first prize yet? I?ll pretend it?s me, if that makes things easier.

    Not yet, but I’ve just realised I’ve not mentioned that the winners have been announced on the two main forums, so I’ll do that now and see if I get a response.

  • Have you looked behind the fridge?

    Failing that you can get that dude from work to check down your top for them ;)

  • It’s a shame the winner hasnt yet come forward after a couple of weeks,
    but on the upside it does look like the noble “completely anonymous –
    big clique avoidance policy” has been a great sucess, in awarding the
    first prize to a less regular vistor to the site. Which is very fair.

  • It’s now becoming blatently obvious, that this masterpiece was produced by someone under the influence of mind altering substances, who subsequently forgot all about it.

    So that probably narrows it down to… pretty much any of us.

    Search your hard drives people.

  • FFS, it’s 1st prize, and they’re not claiming it! What’s wrong with them? If i find out who it was, and I know the area I will deliver the prize personally.

    L: They want their prize, they earned that prize. I don’t care if it’s 12 miles away, whether I have to break in, whether they’re in a bin covered in fluff. It’s their prize, they earned it, i’m gonna give to them no matter what…

    R: It’s in Chapeltown…

    L: I’ll just pop it in the post

  • > Isn’t there some sort of time limit on claiming? It’s getting close now to a full month…

    I have no limit set, as I didn’t envisage this happening. I’d rather wait for at least some word from the winner before I start reorganising things.

  • Didn’t someone mention that he/she entered the contest, but might be going into the hospital for an extended period? Maybe it was that person.

    In which case I say we declare them legally dead, and award the prize instead to the handsomest person who didn’t enter the contest.

    …why, that’s ME! PM me for my shipping address.

  • You could do a mass-mailing to all subscribed members.

    (There might be people out there who don’t want to end up with several copies of Bodysnatcher, and who didn’t get the DVDs yet because they might still be runner-up. :x)

  • You really should set a time for the winner to come forward…another 2 weeks I think is a good limit.

  • I think you should wait at least two more months if no one steps forward.

    I guess people are getting impatient is all…it’s either because they want to know who it is or/and the promise of showing the other pictures that were entered.

  • There is also the possibility that you were outsmarted by your own anonymous-entry-thingy, and the winner has lost their “ticket”.

  • Wouldn’t that be a case of the entrant being outsmarted by my anonymous-entry-thingy?

  • If the entrant has lost their entry thingy then I’m surprised they haven’t tried to email or notify you about this and attempted to show evidence that’s it’s they pic.

    So there could be the possibly that they are unable to access the internet at the moment, or perhaps forgot or lost where the site is or something….therefore waiting for now is the best option.

  • Of course, there’s always the possibility that this wasn’t an entry at all, but in fact a GNP prototype Christmas card posted accidentally in the wrong place…

  • I bloody stupidly didn’t copy down my entry number. That’s my entry in first place!

    And I haven’t been online in months now. I guess I owe you all an apology. Sorry, Dave. Sorry, Duke. Sorry, buddy!

    I can’t prove that it’s my entry so I doubt you’ll believe me, but I guess seeing my entry up there is rewarding enough.

    *breaks down into tears*

  • Ooh! I do have the original image on my computer right now. If the filename matches the filename of the image you recieved, would that be proof enough?

    *hopes he hasn’t changed the filename since he sent it*

  • The submit form wipes the file name and replaces it with the code. Never fear, though, drop me an email on cappsy@gmail.com and we’ll work a way using IPs to validate you!

  • Ha, not to worry, I’ve gone through the archives and your account was, at the time, using the same IP that submitted the winning entry! Not that I doubted you at any point, but just so everyone knows there’s conclusive proof in our system so there’s no fudging going on.

    Email through your address and I’ll send your DVD out tomorrow, along with Pete’s (yeah, sorry about that, Pete… I’m hopeless.)

  • > just so everyone knows there?s conclusive proof in our system so there?s no fudging going on.

    There’s PLENTY of fudging going on, but not of the cheating variety.

  • > This arrived yesterday. Cheers Cappsy and everyone!

    No problem. I just apologise it was a little late.

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