A small tease…

Pop quiz, hotshots. Who said the following?

– “No-one really looks ahead and goes ‘If we plan now, we’ll have brilliant television in five years’ time.'”
– “You have all these little tribes working with different agendas, and all clashing with one-another because of it.”
– “Everyone’s buying iPhones and things, I think!”

The only way to find out… is to be right here, on G&T, tomorrow at midnight. Trust us when we say – you will not want to miss this one.


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  1. That’s midnight Friday/Saturday, by the way – NOT Thursday/Friday. We’re talking around thirty-five hours from now…

  2. Is this an interview with someone then?

  3. Man, this interview with Emile Charles is going to be amazing.

  4. A small tease

    And by tease, he means his penis.

    (Sorry but someone had to and Ian’s at work :oP )

  5. Seth McFarlane? My guess is that G+T is morphing into a Family Guy fansite come this weekend.

  6. Charlton Heston?

  7. Bob the turtle? Someone you grabbed off the street?…Now my RD guess: Ed Bye?

  8. Father Spodo Kimodo?

  9. Father Johnny Helzapoppin’?

  10. Will I only be able to see whatever if I’m here at midnight? Cause, you know, I’m at work then…

  11. No, this’ll be on here for the foreseeable. Just that if you want to see it as soon as possible, then midnight is the time ;-)

  12. High Midnight

  13. Gumbercules? I love that guy!

  14. It’s Dr. Teeth, isn’t it? And he’s scheduled a comeback gig with The Electric Mayhem, hasn’t he?

  15. it’s here…yeys

    EDIT I know, my browser refreshed and it was there. Sitting like a really tough turd you’ve tried for ages to get out. Glistening in the pan.
    Pure Brilliance!

  16. >Sitting like a really tough turd you?ve tried for ages to get >out. Glistening in the pan.

    You shit in a pan!?
    Hope you don’t cook with that pan…I’m avoiding your kitchen for sure!

  17. G&T Admin

    A bed pan! God, doesn’t everyone have a bed-pan? You’re all weird.

  18. lol it may be a scottishism…the pan is the bit of a toilet where the water sits. not the cistern, the bit you shit in

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