Erm, hello. I’m John Hoare. You might remember I used to write for a Red Dwarf website at some point. Remember? I used to swear a lot and use the word “fantastic” five times a sentence.

So, whilst I’m catching up with various things from one of the busiest times for a while with Dwarf (an ideal time to sit and wank for three weeks, then), I thought I’d point you towards this eBay item, as posted to the Webboard by the seller. It’s only Cat’s classic pink suit, as first seen in The End! Erm, fantastic. And, indeed, iconic. You’ve got until 8pm tomorrow to bid for it.

It was won in a UK Gold compo, and in UK Gold’s infinite wisdom they stuck a picture of Series VII Cat with it. The starting price also seems rather high, although maybe not all that unreasonable given its classic status. But I suspect anyone who reads this site won’t have the cash. You bunch of scruffy fuckers.

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  • The price may not be unreasonable, but it kinda gets my feckles up that some non-Red Dwarf fan (or someone who didn’t actually care about owning the prize, anyway) entered the contest just to win something they could make a load of dosh off of. I mean, fair enough, they’ve not actually done anything wrong per se, but it just bugs me that they’ve kept a fan who would have actually enjoyed owning it but couldn’t afford to buy it from winning it.

  • How do you know they’re not a fan? They could be a massive fan (they’ve clearly done their research with the Prop Store and stuff) who’s just absolutely desperate for the cash. It is the time of year that people are usually short of a few bob, after all…

  • Yeah, I suppose you could be right*, too much assumption going on there. I’ve been a bit heartened by displays of human kindness lately, but I guess I still need to work on my innate cynicism towards my fellow man.

    * (Though the research proves nothing more than that they want to get the highest price they can possibly get for it – and justify that price to potential buyers – which you generally would when you’re selling something.)

  • Ah, fair enough, my bad. I actually feel quite badly for them now, being in that position. Damn, am I a grinch or what? :\

    “Shame overload! I… I… I…sorry.”

  • He’s been trying to get rid of this since 2006. I posted links to it on BTLi in January and March 2006. He relisted it a few times, after it didn’t sell at ?500 in January he decided to raise the price in March to ?800.

    Well done!

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