As Norm revealed on his news page, erm, yesterday:

Hattie Hayridge and I will be touring the country in the Spring doing a double header stand up comedy show.
Dates will be announced very soon.

Marvellous! Good to see Norm once again moving on from his Red Dwarf association. Nevertheless, this should be a bloody good gig. Both of them are excellent stand-ups, and it’ll be good to see the two of them interacting and bantering. We’ll keep an eye on the massive, red Norman-faced website for the dates.

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  • We?ll keep an eye on the massive, red Norman-faced website for the dates.

    Brings a new meaning to the phrase “the large rouge one”.

  • Much as I dislike Normans bite-the-hand-that-feeds-me attitude, I may well have a look at the dates..

    I’m sure this ‘coupling’ of talents is pure coincidence and has nothing whatsoever to with any Red Dwarf conection. In fact, I fail to see how anyone could think otherwise.

    Whatever, it’s worth a look.

  • I’m sure it’d be a fine night of entertainment if you could get a whole Dwarf stand-up bill. Hattie, Norm, Craig, Chris, Robert…I’m sure they could each provide a great comedy set. Then sell the DVD…hmmm…

  • I saw them both at the Finsbury Park gig and they are great together. Hattie went on first, then stayed to watch Norm and every now and then they had a bit of a chat whilst Norm clarified the set up to a gag.

    I doubt that’ll happen on tour, because they were both trying out their Edinburgh shows and a little less sure of what worked and what didn’t.

  • Ohh, I’d love to see that. You’ll post the dates when they’re released, yes? Cause otherwise I’ll forget.

  • Another bit from Norm’s news page:

    Hattie and I will be guesting at conventions in America this July and August.
    Dates and venues coming very soon.


  • Conventions, eh? But I thought he didn’t want to be associated with Red Dwarf anymore?

    (This might get boring at some point. But not yet.)

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