So, Richard Herring and Norman Lovett are sharing a headline bill at The Troubador in Earl’s Court this coming Sunday (the 27th). Buh?

As you probably know, we’re big fans of Richard Herring on G&T mainly due to his magnificent 90s partnership with Stewart Lee, so to see Rich on the same bill as Norman Lovett is pretty weird, but hugely exciting. The rub is that not a single one of us is able to go due to geography, money or a cunning mixture of both. It looks like it’ll be recorded as a web cast for XFM, so we’ll doubtless cover it from that, but it’d be great if anyone finds themselves going along to this and could report back to us on a bill that almost seems custom built for this site.

More details on the event can be found on Face Space.

Now excuse me while I go off and curse the good Lord for making such an event so agonisingly out of my grasp. The cunt.

10 comments on “Lovett and Herring: Will you see?

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  • Rich: Are you on the internet, Norm?
    Norm: No, because I don’t like Red Dwarf or Child Pornography.

  • >big fans of Richard Herring on G&T mainly due to his magnificent 90s partnership with Stewart Lee,

    Pity they were never big fans of Red Dwarf. In fact they would actively slate RD fans on stage (having seen them live 3 times I know it’s true and not hearsay) as they blamed them for Fist of Fun series 2 being a ratings flop. Why, coz it went out after (a repeat of?) Red Dwarf VI and whilst RD VI had 5-6 million viewers FoF2 barely scrapped 2M. Therefore RD fans got the blame as they deserted BBC2 for other channels.


  • I’ve never heard them slag off Red Dwarf fans, but I know they don’t like Red Dwarf.

    But then, much as I adore L&H (they’re probably my favourite double act of all time), they also don’t like the alternative comedy movement, which – whilst it undoubtedly had its lowpoints, also had more than its fair share of fucking massive highpoints, too. Luckily, they did manage to get a lot of amusing sketches out of it in TMWRNJ Series 2, so I’m not complaining.

    I’m often disappointed by my comedy heroes opinions on comedy. Rob Grant likes Dead Ringers, FFS…

  • >Did nobody go?
    no one here it seems
    >Did Norman go?
    >Did comedy go?
    Comedy! That’s a laugh! *sigh…bad joke*
    >Yum tum yum tum yum tum yum tum yum tum yiddle ei-po?
    Oooh! I would like a sweetie too.

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