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  1. G&T Admin

    It’s the Sheriff’s line at the end which really makes it.

  2. Mmmmmmm….pancakes…cheesecake on top…*Drolls Homer style*….I’m not obsessed, honest!

  3. Right bunch of tossers…

  4. >It?s the Sheriff?s line at the end which really makes it.

    Completely. I made sure the version I posted was one that included that…

  5. Quite bizarrely, I bought Maid Marian series one the other day and am up to this episode so will watch it shortly. I didn’t realise it was P-p-p-pancake day which is a huge oversight as they’re ruddy lovely.

  6. I miss pancakes. Proper pancakes. *laments*

  7. Forgot pancakes…oooops!
    Had pizza though. That’s flat too :)

  8. I had pancakes. A savory one then a sweet one. Just thought you all should know.

  9. It’s Ash Wednesday, yes it?s Ash Wednesday, yes it?s Ash-Ash-Ash-Ash-Ash-Ash-Ash-Ash-Ash Wednesday!

  10. They really couldn’t have done that with Ascension Sunday, could they?

  11. It?s the Fif-Fif-Fif-Fif-Fif-Fif-Fif-Fif-Fifteenth Wednesday after Pentecost!

  12. Pancake day completely passed me by.

    I used to love it as a kid though. Just simple flat pancakes with sugar and a sprinkling of lemon.


    (Not that I dislike the fancy fat french and american style pancakes. Went to a place in Paris which specialised in just those and they were lovely…. but there’s something about those plain old flat English jobs I like. Purely a traditional thing though I guess.)

    Concerning Maid Marian, I was never into that when it was on, but that was an amusing video.

  13. Surely the flattest version is the French version? As in, crepes?

  14. Crepes, (I was trying to think of the word when I wrote my post above.)

    As for being flattest I always associate them as pretty fat… possibly just the way they’re presented (often folded etc. rather than just on a big plate sprinkled with sugar and lemon which is what I remember from my childhood.)

    I associate English pancakes as the flatest, but I’m not exactly a pancake connisseour, so you might be right.

  15. My mom made pancakes the same as we have them in England, and, not knowing what English pancakes were like, I always differentiated them from the typical American thick flapjack-type pancake as being like crepes. I don’t think there’s actually a whole lot of difference between crepes and English-style pancakes, aside from some of the different ways they’re served.

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