TOS celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the first transmission of Future Echoes with one of the most interesting updates we’ve had in a while.


  • Infinity: Welcomes Careful Drivers… while you sleep. Better Than Life… while you sleep!: It seems almost comically overdue but Laughing Stock are now in the process of releasing its Red Dwarf content in everyone’s favourite digital formats (well, CD and iTunes)! Thinking about it, it does make good sense to wait until the TV series has been fully released before sticking more stuff in the market, but it’s still a move that’s well overdue. There’s no word exactly what will be released (they’ve got abridged and unabridged versions of the first two books and two series of the adapted radio shows to choose from) but I hope that if we don’t get the lot, then at least the unabridged versions will be put out in favour of the abridged. Now, let’s see if Harper Collins get the message and start up similar plans for Last Human and Backwards.
  • It’s his show’s birthday and he’ll write a lovely seven paragraph article if he wants to: Ah, lovely Rob Grant. It’s hard to think that it was only a few years ago when he was awfully distant from the Red Dwarf scene, but now we’ve had him play a big part in the best DVD release to date and a message from him to the fans feels just as at home on TOS than anything from Doug Naylor. It’s great to have him around.

So, an excellent update. Nothing else seems to be going on in the wider world of Dwarf apart from news of Danny’s sword play flooding news syndications everywhere.

See you here a some point after 4:00 tomorrow to discuss the end result of the BIG COUNTDOWN, then!

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  • > the end result of the BIG COUNTDOWN

    I’ve now convinced myself it’s going to be a huge .gif of teh Ellardz laughing his head off and pointing at us.

  • Hello.

    Long time reader first time poster, yeah yeah I know, Cheesy.

    So they’re finally releasing The audio’s on CD, for def, some time soon.

    That Fantastic, no really absolutely lovely.

    Of course that Fact that I’ve been ebaying for them and finally have both on cassette means NOTHING!!!

    No really This is fab, I can put em on my MP3 and fall asleep to Chris chatting in y ears. Bliss. :D


  • Hi Antipodean and peas_and_corn,

    Yes and a Mythical Bird, which is where I took the name from.
    I’m British so no, not named after the city.


    I’m not the only one who spells it that way, it’s just that every time I post to somewhere new, someone has to point it out. I just wanted to respond to Ian without starting a Snark war. I’m new and don’t wish to start my time here with bad blood.

    Dave! LOL. I meant Def as in a cheap short form of Definitely, it was late when I wrote it and I was being lazy. I do hope I haven’t offended any deaf people who maybe here. :)

    Hugs to all,


  • Helle Pete.

    I Know a few on LJ who spell it that way, plus, when I first signed up for my Yahoo e-mail, oooh about ten years now, I didn’t realise that I’d spelt it wrong and Yahoo said the names taken, please choose another, so On Yahoo, there are a lot of PhEonixes. :P

    I like it that way, becides Phe, looks better as a short form the Phoe, which just looks silly.

    I really didn’t want to get into a debate over my name.

    *Melodramatic flail gestures*

    I just want to talk Dwafy things.

    8Deep sigh*


  • > I really didn?t want to get into a debate over my name.

    You could say that Pheonix didn’t want to get flamed!

  • Hi Cappsy.

    Now that’s Funny! :D.


    I get the first 3 but I’m not familiar with:




  • God knows what the countdown’s going to end in, but if it’s anything other than the movie, it’s going to be something of an anticlimax, isn’t it?

  • Hi Si,

    Yes I’ve been thinking about that.

    How cool, yet highly unlikely, would it be if they said, We made it, it’s ready for the summer.

    I can’t think of anything else that would warrant a 10 day countdown.



    >>Ask Sir Anthony Hopkins.

    >?I Am Welsh And I?m Well Twatted??

    Interesting, is there a story behind that, or just something that happened?


  • > Actually, I think it stands for ?I Am (something beginning with W, I don?t know what) As I Write This?.

    I Am Writing As I Write This?

  • I don’t get why a new website is an anti-climax. Everyone guessed that it was going to be this. A re-launched website sends loads of positive messages about the future of the company and let’s not forget that the last time the site was relaunched it heralded a 5 year DVD production era.

    What’s more, one first glance, it is *such* a better site then before. Really lovely.

  • Well, yeah, alright, but I think a lot of people were maybe expecting something mega with it.

    Ungrateful? Watashi?

  • > Well, yeah, alright, but I think a lot of people were maybe expecting something mega with it.

    Well that’s because ‘a lot of people’ get a tad over excited about little things. the relaunch article even says this is the anniversary year – there’s plenty of time for something exciting related to New Dwarf or whatever to happen.

  • Coolness. A much welcomed site revamp. Now it doesn’t look as geeky and features normal section titles (‘Red Hot News’ never failed to do my head in). There’s never any point IMO in trying to be clever, just give us ‘News’, ‘About’, ‘Features’ etc. that’s what people want.

    Now…let’s have some new Dwarf!

  • The site appears to be broken for me. I’m getting the ‘Red Alert’ error page (which is a nice detail! Better than an ugly browser error page). the poor thing is probably creaking under the strain of thousands of people wanting to read about the new Movie!

  • Yeah, I got Red Alert for a while, now a generic ‘Server Error’.

    First impressions: much more sleek, much more manageable, but lacking a little in the design. It’ll take some getting used to, but the site definitely needed to change.

  • I took screen caps of the process. The admin log-in poped up for a while. First look, nice! And the structure looks a great deal like this site. I like it.

  • >> Actually, I think it stands for ?I Am (something beginning with W, I don?t know what) As I Write This?.

    >I Am Writing As I Write This?

    The first thing that came to mind was ‘wanking’

    umm… yeah.

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