Pets. A puppet sitcom, 26 x 11m, broadcast by Channel 4 in the excellent and sadly-missed 4Later slot in 2001/2. And directed by Mike Stephens, who produced and directed Brittas, which is the rather tenuous excuse for posting this.

I must admit, I never thought I’d see it again, and it was destined to become a fond memory that became vaguer and more idealised as time went on. But I’ve just discovered every episode is available online – and it’s even better than I remember! (I’d use the download link at the bottom rather than try and watch it in their player, as it’s bloody awful.)

Admittedly, any show that has a credit caption with “MADE IN ELSTREE. UK. COLOUR.” and features lots of swearing is generally going to get a good review from me, but check it out regardless – it really is great stuff, with a wonderful atmosphere to it. And sadly, it’s the kind of show that I think would find it difficult to get commissioned these days. (BBC THREE should be doing stuff like this, but are too busy making crap instead.)

And it also has one of my favourite theme tunes of all time…

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