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  1. I?ll watch an episode before I judge it properly, obviously – but the trailers and online clips really make it look dire?

    It does doesn’t it? I saw the clip with the Beckhams. The content seemed just like scenes with those characters in 2DTV (so I guess that makes this 3DTV… sort of…) That being said, I rather liked 2DTV as a whole, so maybe the other stuff on this will be ok.

    Part of me would prefer them to bring back the puppets though…

  2. I caught an ad for it when I was visiting family back in the UK, and it just looked awful. Really, really bad.

  3. If they’re trying to attract viewers with those diabolical clips, they’ve failed. I think you’re being very generous giving it one chance.

  4. >I caught an ad for it when I was visiting family back in the UK, and it just looked awful. Really, really bad.

    Ditto (apart from the “visiting family back in the UK” bit). Agree with the 2DTV comparison but thought that was awful.

  5. Looks shite from what I’ve seen. Obvious jokes that have already been done to death…and the CG characters are less than a zillionth as funny as their ridiculous and hilarious rubber counterparts.

  6. G&T Admin

    The only clip that actually got a laugh out of me was the Doherty/Winehouse race… The others could’ve been written by anyone. Nothing special, really but if it had the Spitting Image brand, it would be looked at in a slightly different light, given the heritage…

  7. Cheaper to make than a puppet or muppet, but could still cause offence? I’ll watch it, just in case.

  8. G&T Admin

    The character designs are absolutely hideous in every conceivable way.

  9. G&T Admin

    I’ll be watching this out of a sense of duty, but I’m absolutely dreading it. Which is NOT the right way to go into a comedy series, I know – but when the trails and online clips are so fucking awful, what are you supposed to do?

    At least the release of Series 1 of Spitting Image gives us a fair comparison – the very first episode of each series…

  10. G&T Admin

    I’ve recorded it to watch tomorrow. Will report back.

    Anyone else?

  11. I watched as much as I could manage and thought it was truly abysmal. Awful CG, woeful writing and dire voice acting. It seems that some other people quite liked it though so each to their own.

  12. I really like the look of it, the visuals. Performances and writing somewhat hit and miss, but that’s first episodes for you…

  13. G&T Admin

    > I really like the look of it, the visuals.

    I know I’m a bit late with this, but what is it exactly you like about the visuals? I think they’re some of the most offensively ugly and lazy CG I’ve ever seen. With Spitting Image the grotesqueness of the puppets was achieved with detail, care and imagination. With Head Cases it seems like they’ve roughly modelled the celebrity and then increased to decreased the size of the odd body part and nothing else.

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