And you thought it would all end with The Bodysnatcher Collection! Stupid you.

That’s right, we’ve got word from a SECRET MOLE inside 2|entertain giving us details of the next Dwarf DVD! And, yes, it’s one of those ‘Just The…’ releases you all love so much. It’s called Just The Deleted Scenes and it does exactly what it says on the exclusive cover image on the right.

Word is that we’ll be getting the full set of deleted scenes from series 1 to VIII, including all Easter Eggs from the original releases. Apparently it was felt that many people had trouble finding the Easter Eggs on the original releases, so it was thought to make it easier for those who couldn’t find them to put them in one place alongside the deleted scenes on this release.

However, it doesn’t stop there! The set will include a second disc full of something far more surprising. Yes, it seems those wise prophets on various comedy forums were right and GNP *have* been holding back on hours and hours of prime rushes material that they simply couldn’t be bothered to release originally. Presumably this was so they could exploit the hardcore fans by forcing them to buy this new release.

Not that there’s many hours of rushes held back. Not very many at all. Nevertheless, this release is the first in a series of *thirty* releases, containing material which covers not only all the deleted scenes ever, but every single minute of material ever shot for the show.

More news to come soon!

EDIT: Our hands are up… oop, our hand is up. That’s right, we are Queeg. We’re talking May, June, July AND August Fool. Etc etc etc. Yes, this was one of our ‘hilarious’ ‘japes’, I’m afraid, knocked up at the last minute when we all realised what month it was soon to be. Props to Danny for the artwork especially. Come on, own up if you were caught out even for a second – we wont hold it against you! Not unless you ask us to, anyway…

And the moral of the story is? Appreciate what we got, because basically… it’s fantastic.

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  • Bugger me, this at the same time that they’ve announced that nearly all the Blackadder cast have agreed to co-operate on a new deluxe box set with reported ‘tons’ of extras…

    This is going to wreck my DVD budget…

  • >GNP *have* been holding back on hours and hours of prime rushes material

    I’m personally very upset that this set features the footage of Robert being electrocuted during the sauna scene in Bodyswap. We’ve been told for years that the footage just doesn’t exist.

    When in reality it was just held back for this release.

    Some of the other “extras” are embarrassing, too. Do we really need *another* music featurette, this time reportedly on the topic of “homosexuality” set to the tune of Tiny Dancer?

    And “The End — The Second But Not Yet Final Assembly?” Way to milk the cashcow, guys.

  • This set features the long awaited Only The Good… Mirrored version and De-Mastered versions of the Re-Mastered episodes of Seasons I-III with all the original footage removed.

  • > Apparently it was felt that many people had trouble finding the Easter Eggs on the original releases, so it was thought to make it easier for those who couldn?t find them to put them in one place

    D’you know, I actually wish that was a real feature…

    In other news, the Honey Monster was seen on the set of the Doctor Who series 4 finale. Oh wait, that’s real… no wait, some more news just breaking, there are reports coming in saying that the United Kingdom is to be abolished. Apparently Forrest Whitaker has been approached to take up the mantle of the new King of Scotland, whilst we’re hearing Glynn from Big Brother has been inaugurated as Chief Sheep Shearer of the Western Province of Swansea, Newport, Cardiff and A Load Of Little Villages. More on that story later.

  • Let’s not forget the collection of the photo galleries from the previous DVD releases! Also this DVD will have its spine designed to align next to the series 1-8 DVDs, showing for the first time that the Red Dwarf logo has an exclamation point at the end.

  • See, I know it isn’t, but some part of me believes it’s genuine, just because, and PS: it’s awesome and I’m gonna get it.

  • I’m waiting for the “Just the Menu Screens” box-set, featuring all of the menu screens / systems from all the previously released DVDs.

  • Frankly, if it hasn’t got the deleted material from Just The Smegs on there, I’m not interested.

  • It would have been on this release, and 2|entertain wanted it, but GNP refused, so steadfast are they in their desire to rip off the fans.

  • I wasn’t fooled one bit. Might have been a bit more believable if it wasn’t entitled “Just the Deleted scenes” since… well… smeg ups having been released etc.

    Credit where it’s due though, if you knocked it up on short notice, that’s not bad. Let’s face it,if it had been something like “Movie is greenlit !” etc that’d be even less believable.

    Although I still have hopes for that in one way or another. (I realised I was starting to sound like a grumpy old man.)

    I agree the artwork looks most realistic though.

  • I’ve always liked that publicity shot. I love the logic of “Vol 1” and “The Complete Set” too.

  • OK, ok, I was fooled when I first read that there would be another Dwarf DVD but as soon as I saw the title of it I realised.

  • I think putting both “Vol. 1” and “The Complete Set” on the box gave it away for me. As well as it being April 1st. One of the better efforts on the Interwebs, though. Some of the others were pretty fucking awful.

  • This was actually designed to fool you at the start and, by the last paragraph, leave you in no doubt that it was a Fool. It’s interesting that it hasn’t really gone that way, though.

  • You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life even if you had an electrified fooling machine!

  • I pity the fool who pities the guy who was trying to fool the person who wanted to fool everyone.

    Or something.

  • Do you remember 1st January 1980? HAHAHAHAHA. Do you remember 2nd January 1980? HAHAHAHAHA.

  • The three scariest words in the language.

    …if we’re going to be generous enough to allow “mobisodes” into the language.

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