Unshaven Man Walks Into Pub

News at eleven.

“Craig said yesterday: “I enjoy the occasional glass of wine. I have my life back in order.” And he claimed he looked dishevelled because he had been doing D-I-Y.”

I’ve never heard it called that before, etc.

Anyway, never mind all this tot – what’s happening with Danny, then? And if it gets to court, which of us lot is going to show up in the public gallery to shout “Take the fifth” at the appropriate moment?

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  1. Bloody hell…the bloke is only reading the paper and having some wine. He’s hardly mainlining skag into his bell-end.

    Oh, and Danny’s court hearing absolutely positively MUST be a forum day out.

  2. That photo is begging for a caption

  3. “What do you mean ‘you’re from The News Of The World cha-cha-cha??'”

  4. “I’m taking this paper for a shit!”

  5. I seem to recall him talking about spending the entire first series ‘with a hangover’.

  6. I don’t think we’ve got much to worry about regardin Danny, You’d have to sexually molest the Superintendants daughter or shoot Bruce Forsythe to be given prison time these days…

    ….he’ll probably get community service….you know like he’d have to be a judge on the next X-factor!…

  7. It’s good to hear.

  8. Good man. Though I’m surprised that they’ve taken him on board when he’s still quite clearly a junkie – chugging back 1, maybe 2 glasses of wine per week.

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