Erm… They’re dead, Dave?

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Yep, it’s time to mourn both my lack of original headlines, and break out the black and white Groovetown logo again. Both of Rick Mason’s Dwarf sites – Groovetown and Crapola, Inc. are no more.

Or, at least, it seems like it. Both domains are registered up to 2010, but both domains currently redirect to a domain parking site instead. Maybe it’s just a temporary thing, and I hope it is – but it’s hard not to suspect that it’s permanent, and a way of making money out of the domains.

It would be a shame if they both went – obviously, they were never updated any more, but it’d be a shame to see all that content disappear into the ether, WRONGE Series VI opinions and all. (Insert smiley at will.)


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  1. Very sad indeed, could an archive of the sites be obtained and a mirror set up by someone else to preserve the content?

  2. G&T Admin

    I’d love to set up a mirror of all the Dwarf fansites that have fallen offline. It’s something I should investigate. has some great stuff, but it’s hugely unreliable.

    I suspect that a lot of sites are LONG gone, though. Does Red Dwarf World exist on someone’s hard drive, in its various forms? I have no idea!

  3. I used to periodically rip entire sites to my hard disk until about 3-4 years ago, still have my old hard disks sat around, mmmmmmm…

  4. Cats Fashinable page

  5. My eyes just vomited blood.

  6. G&T Admin



  7. G&T Admin

    In all fairness, my website wouldn’t look a thousand miles away from that. I’m hopeless with webpages.

  8. G&T Admin

    I used to periodically rip entire sites to my hard disk until about 3-4 years ago, still have my old hard disks sat around, mmmmmmm?

    If you ever come across any of them, Mick, let me know!

    As the sites are still down, it looks like they *have* been closed. Obviously it’s completely his right to do it, but closing sites without warning always upsets me slightly.

  9. Is anyone in contact with Rick Mason?

  10. G&T Admin

    I used to be, as I was supposed to be running his forum. I’ve got a feeling he’s sold his domains for a reason, though, and has fucked off from fandom.

  11. G&T Admin

    Odd that he didn’t get in touch with you to tell you, seeing as you were forum admin!

  12. G&T Admin

    Well, I hadn’t been in contact with him about the forum for a good couple of years. There wasn’t nearly enough traffic to justify me moderating so I, er… stopped reading it entirely.

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