They may not be brilliant, but the at-least-interesting concept based Red Dwarf calendars are continuing into 2009.

It’s definitely good news, as the continually changing theme guarantees something original but it’s just a damn shame that the richest vein of high quality publicity photographs to work with come from a series that I really prefer not to be reminded of.

No word as yet as to a theme, but the previous two years were based on spoof movie posters and adverts so what have we got left? Well plenty, I’m sure. Something with a rich background rife for spoofing like public information posters? Or maybe computer game box art from various eras of gaming? Who knows! Since we’re getting the new calendar in September (hey, maybe they could put it on sale at DJ! …oh) I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, why not go back and read John’s excellent reviews of the 2006 and 2008 calendars? DO IT NOW.

12 comments on “2009 Calendar – Coming Soon!

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  • Computer game box art, you wish.

    Hm. Maybe something to do with the various BTL games/applications would be nice.

  • Yes. I’m still sad that I missed the ’07 one, for I obviously like movies a great deal better than adverts… as such.

  • > The ?07 and ?08 ones bloody are.

    Well, I certainly don’t think they’re far off brilliant, if just for the inventiveness.

  • If only they could delay the release of this, so that there would be time to include a group shot from the Special, that would make a great centre fold.

  • Nice idea, though since the project hasn’t even been officially announced yet, I can’t see the 2009 design being delayed. The 2008 calendar final design was announced late September last year, so if the production timeline is the same this year, it’s more likely they’d add such stills to a 2010 calendar– unless GNP has some ready as part of the big surprise up their sleeve!

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