Remember this? You bloody better. Well, now, this has happened:

It appears to the trained eye that the court case has all started up with regards to DJJ apparently waving a knife at some binmen. Nothing much to add, really, apart from the irresponsible desire to discuss an open court case.

He’s supposed to have done this:

“He was swearing a lot. He was furious. As he was walking he was also waving something. It was a blade. I was kicked and my son got punched in the face. Then I was hit in my face.” – Binman

But Danny’s facking lawyer saw it differently:

But Andrew Foreman, defending, accused Mr Lisiecki of lying about the attack to “make money”.

Both compelling arguments I’m sure you’ll agree. There’s just no telling who’s going to win this little argument. Stay tuned for further developments in what is certainly turning into QUITE the cat fight!!!

Gee, I sure hope it doesn’t delay the shooting of The Movie!!

6 comments on “Danny John-Jules will first stab you and then punch you

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  • Nah, they’ll probably just recast. Wesley Snipes is available, right?

    Love the tags on this, by the way.

  • I thought it was already clear that Danny came out of his house in his dressing gown holding the breadknife that he had just been making his breakfast with? Maybe not…

    That binman should be forced to watch The Crouches over and over again.

  • >Love the tags on this, by the way.

    I don’t know how this site got along until now without a “stabby” tag, I really don’t.

    Danny John-Jules: badass motherfucker, or crazy motherfucker? I think that needs to be a poll.

  • SOOO… what was the problem that he was apparently upset about? Something about styrofoam was mentioned in the article.

    >Gee, I sure hope it doesn?t delay the shooting of The Movie!!
    I know someone with a TV AND heaps of DVDs (plus a beta recorder), and HE reckons that it should all blow over by the beginning of shooting, which according to his sources, is in two months time.

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