Popular cult media site Den of Geek have today published an interview with one Danny John-Jules. It’s a good piece in general, and the Dwarf content is a small part of it – but within that, there are one or two things that really need picking up on…

No Red Dwarf film. Typical of England – even a film with a guaranteed audience it can’t get made. There’s too much politics. The writers split up, falling out with the director…it’s personalities. Why wouldn’t you want to make it, it’s guaranteed to make money! I have big trouble answering questions like this, and they get asked a lot. I never got a straight answer.

On “the writers splitting up”, first of all – well, the Rob and Doug split happened long before the movie was ever even thought of. For its entire existence, it’s been a Doug Naylor project – Rob has had nothing to do with it. So I can’t see that affecting it. And “falling out with the director”? Well, last we heard, Doug was planning to direct the movie himself – so unless he’s fallen out with himself, something’s up there. It could, of course, mean Ed Bye, the TV show’s longest-serving director and a man who was originally attached to the movie waaaay back in the early days. But have he and Doug really fallen out? It’s nothing we’re aware of (admittedly not really our business if they have and aren’t mentioning it in public), and as recently as last year they were doing Bodysnatcher commentaries together, so… hmmm. Something doesn’t quite add up.

I’ve not been asked to play Cat again and there’s no new series. The BBC have lost hope – they were game to make another series.

Er, no they weren’t.

Everyone in the cast is with you on this. If they phoned up tomorrow they’d get a movie made. It’s just really…just ‘don’t know’. someone needs to tie Doug Naylor down and get a definite answer. He’s the only person who can answer these questions, he holds the key to it all. No one’s been able to do it – the only person who can answer that question hasn’t spoken.

Er, yes he has. I’m not expecting Danny to be the sort of person who’d have read a fansite interview, but come on, we’re not the only people Doug’s ever spoken to about this kind of thing… are we?

I like Danny, he seems like a decent bloke (erm, knife-wielding allegations aside) – but unfortunately, he’s done what we’ll have to refer to as “doing a Lovett” here. Someone asks him about the movie/TV show/whatever, and despite the fact that he doesn’t really know what’s going on with GNP and Doug (would it be hard to pick up the phone and ask? It worked for us…), he’s shot his mouth off anyway with a load of ill-informed rubbish that people will pick up on as gospel. Sigh.

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  • The guy who bought the pink suit from the set on eBay got me on MySpace and said, “I’m selling the suit, you should buy it.” I told him, “There was two pink suits and you got number two. I’ve got the pink suit that that pink suit was copied from!”

    Man, that guy’s really trying everything to get rid of it, isn’t he?

  • Danny comes across as rather angry and bitter. Yeah, it must be frustrating that the movie hasn’t been made, but there’s no need to start bitching.

    >”Danny John-Jules: I’d accept Doctor Who role”

    Yeah, me too. And I haven’t been asked either. How is this the cornerstone of the article and worthy of a special news report?

  • > I?ve not been asked to play Cat again and there?s no new series. The BBC have lost hope – they were game to make another series.

    I assume that by this Danny means that he believes the BBC would have made it a few years ago but now too much time has passed which is a fair supposition. Whether he knows anything to back this up is another matter though.

    I agree that this could be a matter of Danny not knowing what’s happening with GNP, or he and Norman might be privy to info that people here don’t have.

    He does come across as a moaning git whichever way you look at it though.

  • Take these comments with a pinch of salt. For a start, you’ve got to imagine Danny’s voice saying them. If you read it one way it sounds bitter, if you imagine him saying it it doesn’t.

  • If you imagine him sitting on a giant toadstool as he says it, woah!, he’s sitting on a giant toadstool.

  • Dont you think there’s a bit of a trend developing here..

    Apart from Norman going off on one (with a dig at the fans setting it apart), Rob has also mentioned ‘things still ongoing behind the scenes’ ‘but no contact or information’. We’ve also had comments about ongoing fan questions winding Craig up and him having nothing to report. It was also reported that Chris was still in the dark with regards to the movie, when asked at memorabilia!

    Maybe just maybe, there is a lack of communication.

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