Whatever any of us might think if a Series IX really did come that was like this… it’s bloody superb. The use of deleted scenes and the PBS material from the VIII DVD is incredibly well put together, and the way it builds to a climax is absolutely stunning for a fan trailer.

But the best use of DVD material has to come at exactly two minutes in…

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  • My God there’s a lot of good stuff by that guy! Alternate Series VII opener. A movie trailer with ‘Mellie’ stood in front of the unused CGI cargo bay shot! Plus a Darkplace 2 trail that made me cackle.

    Kudos to ‘that person’.

  • It’s amazing how fickle I am, with the PBS stuff and the unused scenes, I was getting really excited at the prospect of a Red Dwarf IX…

    Very well done stuff…

  • The trailer’s great, as a trailer…

    …but given the average audience here, I can’t be the only one annoyed by it using a ten-years-out-of-date BBC TWO logo/branding schema :)

    There also seems to be a few technical hiccups the music at the start seems bitty. Where it should fade and rise up, it fades then jumps as it restarts,and the volume level suddenly jumps higher at “very distressed”.

  • >But the best use of DVD material has to come at exactly two minutes in?

    Completely agree with this.

    But I’d like the rest of it a lot more if it was, y’know, funny. I guess if you’re grabbing material from deleted scenes, series VIII and unfunny PBS stuff that’s always going to be an issue.

  • Fucking brilliant. That got me smilling this morning. And the movie trailer did. Very very good work.

  • What pains me is the fact that a James Cameron produced, Ridley Scott directed Alien 5 was discussed at one point, but, according to Cameron, Fox going ahead with the first Alien vs Predator film put an end to it.

  • The screen flickering from Norm to Hattie gave me an idea – it’d be fantastic to have both Hollies at the same time for whatever reason, maybe arguing over how to control the ship properly. They work brilliantly together, as Beat the Geek has shown us. Perhaps Hilly could cross universes after the female versions of the crew die from foaming twat disease or something (sorry), or the egghead Holly from the repopulated Red Dwarf could team up, changing his image to look like Hattie for the sake of telling the two apart.

  • Thing is though, Holly – outside of a single episode, White Hole – hasn’t been a central character since II, since much of the plot function it served was taken over by Kryten. Doing a split personality gimmick requires the character(s) to become a LOT more central in order to justify hiring two actors for a single role, and to give them the screentime to make it worthwhile from a creative POV.

  • Holly could be more prominent in the first two series’ because most of the time it was just Rimmer and Lister in scenes with the Cat sometimes being there (but hardly ever in series 1!). None of them have a clue about anything tech/ship-wise so Holly is needed to explain. Kryten took that role, and then Holly wasn’t needed at all because you’ve got your fourth main character, meaning you can cut to seperate scenes easily (i.e. from a Lister/Cat conversation to Rimmer/Kryten). In the first two series’ you’ll often see scene changes just following Lister around the ship.

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