DwarfCast 14 – The Last Day Commentary

Rejoice, for one of the most sporadic Podcasts on the Internet is back… FOR NOW.

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanRejoice, for one of the most sporadic Podcasts on the Internet is back… FOR NOW.

DwarfCast 14 – The Last Day Commentary (12.7MB)

Bit of an odd one, this. Seb was off visiting mawkishness’ Liverpool, Tanya had long decided the best course of action was to sleep like a proper human being and so Ian, John and myself launched head first into a couple of commentaries of our own, this being the last of the night. As a result, things were said under the cloud of booze and the following disclaimers need to be made:

  • Craig Charles no longer smokes crack and we’ve long since let the issue lie. This was recorded in 2006 and towards the end of the ‘cast things do get a little… excessive on the Crack Joke front.
  • The test card music you’ll hear towards the end is covering something we really don’t want heard. We’re sorry about that.
  • Finally, we apologise for the copious amounts of laughter relating the aforementioned censored section at the end. I still have awful memories of RTD, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson laughing their stupid, smug faces off for literally minutes at some in-joke during one Doctor Who commentary and wanting to destroy them all. I am now no better than they.

So, yeah, sorry about all that. However, in the main we think this is a pretty good commentary and worth publishing at least for the first 20 or so minutes alone. Enjoy, anyway!

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29 Responses to DwarfCast 14 – The Last Day Commentary

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  2. G&T Admin





  5. Actually, if we manage to get all of us in one place again any time soon, BTR would seem the natural choice since it won our “best episodes” poll…

  6. Interesting thing about the George Formby impression that gets mentioned – they recorded it two ways. In the alternate, he said the line without doing the voice.

    …or was that on the DVD? I can’t remember now what did and didn’t make it on there.

  7. I vaguely remember a Chris Barrie Formby impersonation on the DVD.

  8. Yet another classic DwarfCast, the test card music was a nice touch. were you tempted with added some Hammond organ music instead?

  9. Out of interest, why is this one 12.7mb most of the previous DwarfCasts (excluding Tikka) have been around 6.9mb, was it done with new software?

  10. G&T Admin

    Same software, I just decided that I’d double the bit rate (32 to 64 per second). To my ears, the quality difference more than makes up for doubling the file size. I hope you agree, anyway!

  11. The difference in sound quality is noticable right away, it’s a lot more crisper and possibly a tad louder, though that could be down to my iPod. I wasn’t complaining I was just wondering why the file size was bigger, but hey like the lady said “you can’t stop progress”.

  12. >possibly a tad louder

    No, that’s just Ian.

  13. > The test card music you?ll hear towards the end is covering something we really don?t want heard.


    Btw I’d somehow forgotten just how annoying your voices are.

  14. G&T Admin

    >Btw I?d somehow forgotten just how annoying your voices are.

    How’d you think I feel? I have to listen to one of them all day.

  15. G&T Admin

    How?d you think I feel? I have to listen to one of them all day.

    Does John know you’re liaising with other G&T members behind his back, Tanya?

  16. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy each one. You definitely should do one for the new episode.

  17. G&T Admin

    > You definitely should do one for the new episode.

    Just try and stop us.

  18. Shouldn’t the new episode commentary just be a collection of clips from the previous Dwarfcasts?

  19. I’d love an episode commentary on The End: The Original Assembly or Bodysnatcher, now they would be different DwarfCasts.

  20. G&T Admin

    I’m pretty certain we’ll do those at some point down the line, yes!

  21. Loved it; it sounded like you guys were certainly getting into the spirit of things. By the way, you didn’t really need to censor it, I pretty much guessed along which lines you were on, gentlemen.

    I’ll never watch The Last Day in the same way again.

  22. Crackpipingly good.

    How about one for Can’t Smeg, Won’t Smeg?

  23. G&T Admin

    That’s one I really want to do as well! I have LOTS TO SAY. Unfortunately.

    Thanks for the great comments, everyone. We’re DEFINITELY doing more of these – so stay tuned.

  24. I’ve just noticed that in part of CSWS Kochanski calls Lister….Craig! the poor girl must have been concerned if she went out of character for a second. you gotta love Chris in this, his Rimmer is now on the money, more series VI than VII, where he forgot how to play him in Tikka and Stoke. it wasn’t until Blue and the later scenes of Tikka that Chris recaptures the esssence of Rimmer.

  25. The Essence of Rimmer: A Fragrance for Dead Men – by Doug Naylor.

  26. Heh. My first pod, I mean Dwarf- cast. So that’s what you all (well 3 of you) sound like. (Yeah I’m late. I did try a little while ago and nothing happened. I’ve downloaded a new version of Quicktime since then.)

    Mostly good stuff. Apart from the series 7 being rubbish bit. ;)

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