Thanks to Kirk, who mentioned in our forums about this post by someone who attended the KCTS pledge drive:

“At the KTCS9 20th Anniversary evening tonight, Robert announced to a small crowd that a brand new, 1 hour Red Dwarf episode had been commissioned by BBC Worldwide, to be filmed in October 2008.

He wouldn’t spoil the storyline, but did mention that Grant Naylor was finalising the script right now.

I was in the audience, it was a good night, with not too many people, and plenty of chances for questions.

It was recorded by KTCS9 for a future DVD.

Thanks Robert, I enjoyed the evening and your Kochanski walk.”

The phrase “fucking hell” springs to mind.

Still, it also has to be said that that little snippet raises rather more questions than answers. Our usual disclaimer, then: until anything is confirmed by GNP, I wouldn’t trust even what little specifics we have. But it’s very clear that something is going on – and I can’t help but think this is the most exciting hint we’ve had about new Dwarf since… well, Bodysnatcher. (I take it you don’t want me to start on that rant about how Bodysnatcher was ignored by far too many people again? Fine.)

As discussion has started nicely in our forum thread, I’m shutting off comments on this news story – just talk about everything over there.

Oh, and regarding the headline: you try turning whatever comes out of Craig’s mouth at that point into words.

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