As we gear up towards dipping our toes into the babbling brook of New Dwarf, let’s take a dive into the sweet lakes of past glories.

I was recently contacted by Squeaky Gibson regarding a big load of STUFF he had that he thought would be interesting to us – namely a bunch of scanned magazine articles ranging from great to arse clenchingly brilliant. We’re still in the process of getting them all together, but for now may I present to you what I consider to be the best of a brilliant bunch. You can find it in the newly re-launched…


It’s a TV Zone Special from Winter 1996 which serves as a preview for the then up-coming series VII. Page 1 to 3 documents the genesis of the show with the messianic Peter Ridsdale-Scott, mainly re-iterating what he would say in his interview for Red Dwarf A-Z but with some extra, very interesting, nuggets.

Pages 4 to 7 are home to a fantastic interview with the late and great set designer Mel Bibby, showing just how bloody fantastic he would’ve been on the DVD documentaries. There are clearly tonnes of entertaining stories locked away in those sets, and I want to hear every single one of them. I love how “it’s modular” seems to be a stock response to the re-use of sets, too.

Finally, pages 8 to 19 make up the main bulk of the feature – a detailed and fascinating account of the effects work involved in series VII by Paul McGuinness. It’s probably the most complete history of the effects production on series VII we have, and just to make things even better it’s packed with brilliant photos.

Basically, you need to go and read all this right now as I can’t say enough nice things about it here. I guarantee there’s something new in there for anyone, no matter how well versed you are in Dwarf history. Well… unless you’ve read it before.

Massive, sloppy thanks to Squeaky Gibson, obviously. I want to kiss him. In the next few days (weeks, months? – you know how we are) we’ll be posting the remaining articles, which will include both well known Radio Times features plus an article on series VIII, another TV Zone feature (this time a Robert Llewellyn interview circa series VII) and a Starburst series VIII feature. For fuck’s sake, stay tuned.

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  • Why has no-one commented on this article yet? It’s brilliant. It’s quite nice to still see these interviews re-surfacing, it’s also interesting to see the arguments of the model shooting in VII and the different takes everyone seem to have on the situation.

    Some really nice stuff in there. Awesome.

  • > Why has no-one commented on this article yet?

    Maybe because the TV Zone link in the article doesn’t work? :-)

    Most likely it’s because it’ll take people a while to read it all, I would think. In my case, though, it’s because I’ve already got a big folder full of this stuff from my pre-GNP days, so have read it all before.

    But I seriously recommend it all. Given the FX crisis that followed, the VII piece is even more interesting than it would already have been.

  • Neat – I’ve got a load of stuff like this in a box somewhere. I’ll have to try and root it out.

  • >Massive, sloppy thanks to Squeaky Gibson, obviously. I want to kiss him.

    I’m just happy to do my bit for G&T, no need for all that.

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