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  1. This is absolutely in-smegging-credible. We’ve waited so long for this…

  2. I actually cried. I bit my lower lip, let it all sink in…and I cried.

  3. I must be missing something…

  4. *wanks*

  5. This is epoch-making.

    Remember yesterday? Oh how naive we were.

  6. “Ed, who will be returning to Teddington in the new year to shoot a new Red Dwarf Earth special for digital channel, Dave, currently spends…”

    Either you’re taking the piss by not mentioning it or you somehow completely glossed over this little nugget. An EARTH special? And shooting at Teddington studios, not Shepperton. Interesting… And more to the point, Ed is directing!! I thought it would be Doug all the way.

  7. Not on your spacebike

  8. Uh, it doesn’t say that, pm. The only mention of Red Dwarf on that page is "…in shows such as Absolutely Fabulous, Red Dwarf, Bottom and…".

    You take smeg, yes?

  9. I don’t know what article you’re looking at Somebody, it includes a full synopsis of the special!

    …yeah, I didn’t see that line either.

  10. Holy shit…this is incredible news. Do you think there’s any chance that we might learn the contents of Howard Goodall’s Morrisons trolley?

    Or is that just a madman’s dream?

  11. That picture’s got a very haunting quality – man and machine. I often look at it in the morning and think, “Ooh, I’d like to kiss him!”

  12. Throw your history books away – they’re useless. Everything’ll have to be re-written.

  13. They’ll probably just say “Ed Bye bought a bike”. Everything else will just be a footnote.

  14. > Monkey telling porkies? Never!

    Honestly, it was THERE! Looking at the page now that line has been removed. I’m being serious! A couple of other things look to have been changed too. I fucking copied and pasted it from the page FFS. It was right after he says ‘my work takes me to…’! It carried on saying something like he currently spends most weekends tuning the bike up. I’m telling the truth! I am your God and you will all bow down or be warned, my finger is long and my cock is thick (and long).

  15. G&T Admin

    The Monkey who Quoted Bye. T’will be a new fable.

  16. >Do you think there?s any chance that we might learn the contents of Howard Goodall?s Morrisons trolley?

    Seriously, I would pay good money.

  17. It’s no space bike is it?

  18. In cases like this, it’s always best to save the web page when you see important info, as there’s always a chance it will tweaked if some thing has been leaked to early. nice photo.

  19. Tweaky Gibson, there

  20. if it is red dwarf earth special that would be shockingly bad think 1 episode shud be on the dwarf 1 on starbug with a cliffhanger ending ;)

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