Well, it’s that time of year again (well… ish), and that means it is time to win something free by partaking in one our jolly competitions. In 2006 we gave you a quiz, in 2007 we gave you a picture competition so, in 2008, we have merged the two in what we hope will be an interesting and challenging contest.

The full details can be found on the rules page, but basically you’re going to need to match aerial shots of locations with certain episodes of or relevance to Red Dwarf. As I say, more details can be found…


Just so you know, the prize for the Grand Victorious will be a copy of the recently released All The Shows box set. A not inconsiderable award, I’m sure you’ll agree and, needless to say, this prize copy comes courtesy of the ever excellent people at 2|entertain. Also, props are due to our own Danny Stephenson for busting his massive balls conceiving and compiling this competition. Blow his trumpet vigourously.

The competition will close exactly two weeks from when this is posted (00:00 on Monday 8th December) so hurry the fuck up already.

45 comments on “Fabulous Boxset to be Won

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  • Marleen, you should definitely have a go at this even if you don’t think you’ll do very well! It IS multiple choice, after all all you have to do is remember not to put the same letter down twice and you’re in with a decent shot.

    It seems this year’s competition is going to end up more challenging than I imagined…

  • > That suggests you have to get every single one right in order to win?

    Maybe so. I imagine some people are going to be extremely good at this.
    Still, I might give it a go.

    Great idea BTW.

  • It’s not as hard as it may seem, guys. A little detective work should prove fruitful…

  • Superb idea! I have been to half those locations in my travels, it’s not easy, but just nice, and now your going to tell me I can’t enter due to the fine print on Cappsy boxsers!

  • I’ve narrowed down number 13 to one of 17 different possibilities. Can I get bonus points for good penmanship?

  • Just one question – might seem a little stupid – but before we start this thing, can we be told if each location is only used once?

    Just because, y’know, wouldn’t put it past you to be tricksy ;D

  • Each location has only one match. I’ve realised this quiz is a bit harder than I originally intended, but I also wager that it’s a good prize and well worth aiming for.

    Remember you have two weeks on this, don’t rush your answers.

  • My entry has made many people sick.

    This is a really good idea for a contest…but without listening to commentaries and stuff I’m dead in the water. I don’t mind doing that…but I was curious to see how I’d fare with what little I remembered/was able to figure out rationally.

    The first 16 answers are all sincere. The last four might not be. I thought the least I could do was be utterly disrepectful toward a series that has brought me so much joy over the years.

  • > The first 16 answers are all sincere.

    You repeated some letters in your answers, though! I hate you for this.

  • >You repeated some letters in your answers, though!

    Yeah…that was intentional. A few times I had something narrowed down to two possibilities…and I kind of figured that if I put the answer down for both, I’d definitely get one right. (You and the rest of the crew are free to chuckle about how dead wrong ALL of my answers are now…)

    I swear, though, I used logic when filling out that form! My own personal brand of logic, okay, but logic nonetheless.

  • The idea of the competition wasn’t to freak everyone out, it was designed to be a bit of fun.

    You tested me, fans.

    I’ve failed you.

  • I think it’s a great idea for a competition! In the next few weeks I’ll devote time to figuring out those last four. I won’t submit them, obviously, as I’m already gotten mine in. But I’ll try to do them seriously and see how well I do when the answers are released.

  • I must be missing something, because I’m finding the last four questions to be easier than most of the others.

    Or is it just me?

  • Come on everyone, look lively! We?ve not had nearly as many entries as we thought we would by this point? you can?t all be taking this long to sort your answers out, can you?

  • > What happens if loads of people get full marks?

    We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but I’m sure we can dream up an entertaining tie breaker. Any ideas for such a thing are welcome, too.

    Got a nice lot of new entries today, all of which did excellently.

  • > Got a nice lot of new entries today, all of which did excellently.

    I wondered if it was going to be a bit of a ‘weekend job’ for people.

  • Hmmm, had a go, a lot of guess work…

    Top points for the competition idea and set up.

    Err, no points for me

  • Got a nice lot of new entries today, all of which did excellently.

    That’s what you say to all the boys…

  • Reading it back, it does sound like an end of day business report from a prostitute to their pimp.

  • I’m assuming the answers won’t take that long to grade, right? I’m very eager to collect my prize. In fact, you probably should have already mailed it so that I get it by xmas.

  • The deed is done. I hope I do well–but since there’s no sense in being completely unrealistic, may I at least fail spectacularly, in a blinding firestorm of incorrectness.

  • I said I’d try, so I entered now. But I’m already ashamed of my lack on knowledge. Also, I had my best friend over (the entire weekend), and then I got migrane, and I didn’t have the time for any kind of research, so my answers are (for the most part) random, so I did poorly. Don’t hate me. I wish I’d use a fake name.

    Excellent idea for a competition by the way, and actually a lot of fun to do! I love G&T!

  • I didn’t do much research either. Just for one of the grid reference questions really.

    (And why would they hate you?)

  • well i entered this instead of revising for my physics test so i hope it was worth it (not likely) although it was fun to do

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