Wow, all the people who’ve visited G&T for the first time this last week or so are going to think we’re a constantly-updated hive of activity and excitement, aren’t they?

Anyway, our latest TREAT for you comes in the form of some new additions to our brilliant Downloads section. Head on over to the Desktop Backgrounds page, and you’ll find some spiffing new wallpapers in the “art” section, most of which celebrate our New Favourite TV Channel, Dave, in the shape of mock-up advertising (our thanks to p2p_productions of this parish for those) and a couple of spangly logos. There’s also a much-requested re-working of the “classic” Earth teaser poster made in staggeringly prophetic by yours truly some time ago, and a truly excellent piece of concept art by Danny Stephenson titled “Google Garbage World”. Resident art guru Danny has also added another piece to the fabled “Recreations” section, this time replicating the POV shot of the Starbug Scouter.

Aren’t we bloody good to you?

9 comments on “Because they’re *our* new wallpapers, and we happen to think they look rather striking!

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