Robert Llewellyn’s delivering the (less sensitive) goods again. Not moments after he apparently got in from today’s shooting we got a little idea what they’ve been up to. His Tweets after the jump.

A lot of people saw us today. Craig, Dan, Chris and I stood on a street in Richmond West London and many people had phones clicking

Don’t want to tell you any storylines, that would be crazy and spoil it. Today we all walked along a street in Richmond in character.

Obviously this is no big reveal, but interesting none-the-less as this represents the only other confirmed location shooting outside the infamous day on the Corrie set and the two days scheduled for after the studio shoot. One can only assume that these scenes will be set in a relatively modern day environment, but quite what this means for the story is anyone’s guess so please feel free to begin guessing each other into comas.

The most interesting fact is that there are a number of people with photographic evidence of the shoot so be warned that these pictures will almost definitely be showing up very soon. Whether these were the usual pap cunt-rags or just opportunistic members of the public (and, I admit, I’d do exactly the same given the chance) is unknown but I’d say it’d be a fairly prudent move to keep an eye on The Sun tomorrow if you’re not a big scardy spoiler cry baby.

A word of warning: if these pictures are leaked by any paper or another site we’ll probably be sticking them in this post. If we aquire them by any other means… well, we’re not entirely sure what we’ll do, as this is all new to us. I think it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll be in the public domain before you can say “*yawn*, I slept great. Is there tea in the pot?”, though.

One more Tweet from Rob before we sign off:

Kryten has a couple of new modes up his sleeve. Wait, no sleeves!

I call heat vision!

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  • OK so it looks like they ARE gonna be on present-day Earth at some point. Any more The Voyage Home gags, I wonder…

    Bobby also says there’ll be a Kryten youtube clip in a couple of weeks. Ace!

  • >I call heat vision!

    I call oral sex mode, in order to produce Rimmer’s much coveted man-sauce. Hard light, indeed.

  • I used to work near Richmond! We often went into town after work for drinks. (Too many.)
    I have a distinct memory of coming out of a riverside pub at high-tide and the river was almost up to the door. (That doesn’t happen all the time though.)

    I wonder if I’ll recognize anywhere from the shoot…

    Yeah, it does look like a present day thing. I was actually hoping it wouldn’t be as they’ve a)sort of done it before (albeit in a backwards reality) and b)I’d like to see what state Earth is in 3 million years from now.

    That being said, for budgetary reasons it’s completely understandable. And as they say, things might not be as they seem. As long as a) the story is good, and b) it’s funny, that’ll do.

  • It could be memory mode, and this is played out in his memory. It doesn’t have to real, more that Kryten thinks it should look this way. “It’s exactly like I always imagined, only much shorter.” The whole visit to Earth could be just a memory of previous exploit.

  • I had the idea when I say Krytens smaller chest monitor, that It will project a sort of hologram-type image… Like a 3D map or 3D video, or like he spinning starbug video. That sort of thing.

  • Surely they have to go back to Earth in Lister’s time period, otherwise where’s the “wish fulfilment”? He’s been back to Earth in other time periods before

  • If by Lister’s period you mean the 23rd century (or is it 21 or 22nd?) that could fit. From the descriptions you get on the programme, I get the impression life on Earth isn’t all that different to now. I.e. there’s references to the London underground, pub crawls, cars etc. No doubt that was partly for the benefit for us the 20th/21st century audience, but I like the ideas of the future as a mixture of old and (their)present. Pretty much how our world is now, if you think about it. Technology is updated but much in our infrastructure/buidings, even transport remains the same as it has for decades.

  • I keep thinking about that photo of Carbug.
    Either it’s a publicity thing (unlikely), or it’s part of the ep. If it’s part of the ep then I can’t see it being a ‘reality’ situation; surely it’s more likely to be AR/ hologrammatic/ illusion/ group hallucination/ figments of Mr Lister’s imagination made solid by some weird space ray …?

  • I saw this as I walked home from work. They were filimg outside a comic book store called They Walk Among Us.
    here is a pic:

  • Weird. What’s with the Red Dwarf posters? Is this to publicise them filming there, or is that set dressing?

    Is Red Dwarf a TV programme in the specials? It’s a bit similar to being a videogame if it is…

  • Could explain the whole Carbug thing if it were a game… kind of GTA-eske perhaps.
    Besides, the poster is all the wrong way around, and slightly pants… but it’s still the new logo…

  • What a fascinating photo..

    Who’s the lady in the doorway (My eyes are getting old)?

    Some interesting pics in the background and ‘toys’ in the right hand window..

  • At first I thought they were just promoting it (as there are posters in the window) but after thinking about it and reading this article they must have been filming. I could only stay 5 mins, and left as they all went in the shop. It was about 5pm on Friday 20th Feb.

  • plz say its just window promotion

    if they go back to earth and find out red dwarf is a tv show, that will just be terrible

    makes the coronation street connection more worrying also

    craig charles playing himself

  • >to film part of their comeback series.

    I like that part, it gives the tone that more will follow.

  • “which sees the gang hurled through time and space back to Earth in the year 2009.”

    An assumption on their part or has someone blabbed?

    I’m thinking the former. Ok, considering the type of location shooting, etc, it seems a good bet but we’ve all thought of other scenarios.

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