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Well, today’s SCD98247 update is disappointing – just a link to the existing competition. Worse still, the next update isn’t until Monday. THE USELESS BASTARDS, WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DONE FOR US?

Still, the Dave website has updated with some good news – the show will grace the cover of next week’s Total TV Guide, the UK’s premiere multichannel listings and comprehensive transvestitism journal. Hooray!

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  1. Nice! Like the cover. TOTALLY classic Rimmer and Lister faces!

  2. I can’t see a link to the cover – could someone point it out?


  3. G&T Admin

    I posted the wrong link. I am a twat.

  4. The roads, don’t forget the roads.

  5. Looks like Craig juggling tomatoes and eating an apple could well be Lister’s first scene. Either that or it’s just something Craig was doing for a laugh.

  6. Judging by the expression on Lister’s face in that picture, did Kryten have his groinal attachment installed I wonder….

  7. I posted this in the forums yesterday, nobody seemed very excited.

  8. Sorry Si. IM excited! All credit to Si!

  9. Cheers, but all credit to Robert Llewellyn really, for recording and posting it in the first place.

  10. Speaking as someone who worked for six years in Southampton’s largest stockist of printed porn, I can honestly say that there WAS a magazine called The TV Guide. For transvestites. I shit you not.

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