Hello. Welcome to the first major G&T downtime of 2009. Come on, get into that blitz spirit. (That means cuddling up to me. Don’t be shy.)

So, what’s up then? Actually, we don’t know. There was a brief period of downtime on the 2nd – the server load was startlingly high, so it was rebooted. The current outage has been since around 8am on the 3rd, and we’re currently assuming it’s the same problem this time that has fucked the server – but until we can get someone to reboot it on-site, we don’t know exactly what’s up.

As usual, I have got backups here, but due to various issues, it’s generally easier to set up the temporary site for a bit than spend time sorting the site out on another server. I suppose in many ways I should have updated the system, really. Fear not – we’ll be back up and running with the main site again before too long. We don’t want to keep those nice random headers waiting.

In the meantime, don’t forget Dave’s news update later today – we’ll bring you all the latest reaction. Like CNN, but shit. And you can always visit our sister site, Noise To Signal, which is fully up-and-running, due to being on a different server. Hooray!

I hate the internet.

(Old comments here – they’ll be added back to the proper site later tonight.)

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