Proving once again that G&T is THE PLACE TO BE for all your EXCLUSIVE RED DWARF NEWS AND SCOOPS, one Si Bromley of this parish has reported in on a massive double-page Back to Earth feature in the upcoming April issue of SFX magazine that contains some particularly interesting quotes from Doug…

“It starts nine years [later]… Kochanski has died and Holly is down.”

“Rimmer…has aged, even though holograms shouldn’t – he hasn’t had holo-services because he didn’t know about them.”

“People have been guessing about what’s going to happen, and no-one’s got it right. I’d be very, very surprised if they do.”

We’ll endeavour to get hold of some scans of the JUICY NEW PICTURES as soon as we can, as well. You can get the mag yourself in shops next Wednesday, 11th March.

Discussions have already started in the forum, so get over there to ruminate on the apparent death of Kochanski and the quite frankly BRILLIANT explanation for Rimmer’s aging…

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