Just a quick note to let you know that we’re changing servers tonight, as preparation for a BACKEND update next week – and also to prevent things like this happening IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING EPISODES BEING BROADCAST. So, comments will be switched off at 1am, and whilst you’ll still be able to view the site, you’ll have to wait until we’ve finished fucking about and the server change filters through to YOUR END before you can post again. Things should be back to normal by the morning.

As an aside, to anyone who’s been having problems commenting recently, this was our spam protection going into overdrive. It should be fixed now, but if anyone has any problems, mail us at admin@ganymede.tv, and we’ll take a look.

That is quite literally all. Now, off you pop back to the important stuff, now.

ADDITIONAL (22nd March @ 5:55am): Comments now switched back on. Server change didn’t go quite as planned, but we’re working on it. Change should happen at some point today – we’ll let you know what’s happening here. Now get back to talking about trails, dammit.

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  • We’re still having some people fall foul of our over-stringent spam protection, it seems.

    If anyone’s having problems commenting, drop us a mail and I’ll sort it out for you. Last thing we want at this point is people not being able to contribute!

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