Dave have released a new video on YouTube! It’s mostly a cut-down version of the existing documentary, with a voice-over from Richard Bacon. [EDIT: It’s not Richard Bacon, is it? Still, at least it’s not Iain Lee.] It’s nicely done, other than the mis-spelling of Kryten’s name in Robert Llewellyn’s caption. Sigh.

One thing of interest though is a preview of a video entitled Cat Always Lands On His Feet, which will be released on Dave’s site soon (possibly tomorrow, when SCD98247 is next due an update). It shows Danny rehearsing and shooting the Cat’s entrance, which is a “homage” to the original, only this time it’s all done on greenscreen with wires. Aging, there. He appears to be landing in a room full of tellies – maybe this is a department in Price Smashers?

We’ll have more on this when the full video is released, if we can even be bothered.

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  • Cat doing a dance, I’m interested. Some new stuff, mostly old, can’t argue with that.

  • >Cat doing a dance, I?m interested

    It’s been a long time since I’ve heard somebody say that.

  • I mean his old dance that he has not done since, hmm, about Series 2 I would say, he may have done it in III or IV.

  • Nice little homage to Cat’s original entrance, I must admit. I’m actually enjoying how very little we’ve actually seen, considering it’ll just make actually watching it even better.

  • Why must every promo slogan, phrase or photo caption for Red Dwarf make some unfunny, lazy use of the words ‘smeg’, ‘smegging’, ‘smegtacular’ or worst of all ‘smegtastic’. Which given the word’s actual use in the show is akin to calling something ‘shit-tastic’. Perhaps it should be used to describe series 8, but nothing more.

  • > Which given the word?s actual use in the show is akin to calling something ?shit-tastic?.


    By the way, Robert Llewellyn is as guilty as anyone of doing this.

  • They do use the word ‘smeg’ in a positive way in the show too though. (And I think ‘smegtastic’ has been used… although I can’t say exactly where.) You might not say ‘shit-tastic’ but the term ‘shit-hot’ is sometimes used.

  • Besides I don’t think, even in the universe of the show, that the word ‘smeg’ is all that vulgar really, although it obviously replaces such words.

  • ?Shit? can be good. Especially if you?ve been constipated for a month or something.

    Would you be able to provide us of an event when you may have had difficulty using the facilities for an extended period of time, Si?

  • No.

    I did have a catheter for five days when I was in hospital, mind. Having that removed was an experience.

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