Dwarf may not’ve got a Radio Times cover (Liam Neeson and Jimmy ‘Can I call you baaaack?’ Nesbit saw to THAT particular hope) but the newest issue, released today, does feature a banner on the cover and a three page spread on Back to Earth.

It’s an ok write up, if a little too heavy on the space puns, and here follows the two highlights:

In the new story, this Earth-bound version of the crew’s little transport ship Starbug has been made by a fan of Red Dwarf – clearly based on a Smart car. “We downloaded a model of a Smart car onto a computer and played with that, adding features to it ourselves,” explains art director Alexis Lemonis. “because it’s supposedly been made by a fan-boy, we made it a bit like ‘Blue Peter’.” And it actually works! “I don’t think it’s strictly street-legal, but we drove it at speed on a racetrack. It stayed smooth as anything.”

Forgoing for a minute the terrifying yet hilarious mental image of Carbug hurtling round a race circuit, this is a VERY interesting little reveal. It looks like fandom is going to be getting the meta treatment along with the show itself, as Carbug apparently belongs to ONE OF US. It seems like a nice enough idea – neatly explaining why the hell it exists – but as with all things of this nature, it has to be done well. Moving on to the rest of the article, then and apart from the cast saying the stuff we’re all quite used to by now, Charles Armitage addresses the thorny issue of the BBC:

They didn’t turn it down; they were never offered these shows. The shows have always been with Dave. It is not a BBC reject.

Interesting wording, there, as we’ve been told the BBC actively refused a series IX, but obviously Back to Earth is a separate thing which GNP didn’t even bother to take to the BBC. And quite right, too.

The article’s worth a look, anyway, even if it’s just for the excellent exclusive images.

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  • It really shouldn’t be that surprising that BtE wasn’t offered to the Beeb, considering the Series IX buggery and them apparently having lost interest in the fanbase their own show helped create.

  • > It really shouldn?t be that surprising that BtE wasn?t offered to the Beeb

    Who’s surprised?

  • >In the new story, this Earth-bound version of the crew?s little transport ship Starbug has been made by a fan of Red Dwarf

    It must be a good ten years ago at least, but a mate of mine once told me he’d seen a green car with the Eurostile Extended ‘Starbug 1’ decals on the side. Hey, maybe Doug did too(!)

  • The politics are very interesting indeed.

    However, I was far to busy fangirling at the article and the fact that RT has BtE down as Pick of the Day for Good Friday.

  • Stephen Simpson on the main site has posted a scan of the TV and Satelite Week cover on the main site

    Love the image, lots of funny faces can’t go wrong. Much as I’m not sure of Kryten’s new ‘face’ the amount of expression it allows is pretty impressive, isn’t it?

  • None of the shops round here (and we’ve been all over – local newsagents, supermarkets, big newsagents and the shop at the hospital) have any Radio Timeses. Anyone else had a problem?

    Meanwhile, we’ve spent nearly four quid on the others. God, I need to get a life.

  • Yes Chris, I purchased this tismorning. Actually Red Dwarf was on a number of covers this morning. I purchased them all. All had different interviews with the cast too. Nothing much to add to what we already know though.

    Strage enough, I couldnt find the cover advertised on Dave.

    The TV & Satellite Week one is awesome!

  • Well, will buy RT as soon as it arrives in our shops, have bought TV and Satellite Week, Total TV Guide, and What’s On TV. Will have a neb inside the TV Times to see if that’s worth buying as well.

  • Well, the thing holding back any potential series is Craig Charles’ Soap contract. As long as he’s doing that, he’ll have limited time to film more Dwarf (or anything else, FTM).

    We’ve seen RD without Rimmer – does anyone seriously want it without Lister?

  • It will likely be a factor, but on the other hand Red Dwarf is usually only 6-8 episodes. Characters don’t feature in every episode in soaps do they? (Obviously there’d need to be a largish chunk of episodes in a row in Corrie, so I admit it’s not quite as easy as that.)

  • >?You going on another holiday, Lloyd? How do you afford them all??

    The fare enhancer button concealed under the dashboard.

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