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  • Wey Hey! Booked the weekend off to watch these lovely chaps on Dave! Not long to go now.

    Love the ever-changing G&T bannner.

  • No, we are all shooting on location at the end of this week, I must be more specific in my answers

    Londoners: Keep an eye out!

    Typical that all the filming will be wrapped about 4 days before I move down, mind.

  • Wey Hey! Booked the weekend off to watch these lovely chaps on Dave!

    *cough* Bank Holiday Weekend *cough*

  • > *cough* Bank Holiday Weekend *cough*

    This just in: trading completely halts on a Bank Holiday weekend because no one has any time to go the shops.

  • > I may finally now believe these specials are actually happening?

    No, it’s all just a big elaborate lie to fob off the fans, unfairly keeping them guessing over whether there’s new Red Dwarf or not. Norman told me.

  • This just in: trading completely halts on a Bank Holiday weekend because no one has any time to go the shops.

    This just in: lots of people get the day off on Bank Holidays and get to laze about at home waiting for Dwarf to come on the telly.

  • And Craig celebrated with a few hits of crack… allegedly. http://londonist.com/2006/08/craig_charles_o.php

    I saw him and I spoke to him on Friday and he seemed tired – but who wouldn’t after 2 weeks filming – but he seemed pretty with it and not drugged up in any way. So I have to say I’m a bit suspicious of this, maybe The Mirror called in a tip to the police so they can write another story about him.

    >*cough* Bank Holiday Weekend *cough*
    That means nothing in my job, the only day I’m guaranteed to get off is Xmas day – we’re open every other day, including bank holidays.

  • > And Craig celebrated with a few hits of crack? allegedly

    Aw… shit.

    True or not, the fact he’s been arrested worries me greatly.

  • Actually – ignore me. I just saw the date on the article.

    Good one Google alert!!

  • I blame katiexbbe, stupid moron!

    Why would you post a reply on an news article that is nearly 3 years old!?!? FFS!

  • I work in a cinema. Do you know what I had to go through to get that weekend off? It was murder. Admisions at the cinema go mad during bank holidays. So Im pleased :D

  • I used to work in a cinema. So: yes.

    There’s not much out at Easter is there though? Usually some kids stuff.* May Day Bank Holiday has been the big one in recent years. (this year: Star Trek)

    *The Boat that Rocked and Monsters vs Aliens 3D

  • Atm… we’re expecting Watchmen to do very very well. We’re holding a midnight screening on Thursday night at 11.45 (15 mins of trailers) and the interest has been outstanding. Also, my site is the main cinema in Cardiff city center, right next to student accomodation and right opposite toe Cardiff INternational Arena. Its always busy. Every weekend. No-matter what. But always much more during school breaks like Bank Holiday Weekends. So Im very pleased.

    On another topic, jsut saw Ghostbusters at Newport cinema… the print was crappy, but the atmosphere was amazing. It may be worth noting that theres some discussion about broadcasting television shows and sporting events live in cinemas, aparently thats the next big thing (although this is already hapening in certain cities). How good would It be to see new Red Dwarf through digital projection.

  • Watchmen is this week though, a month or so before Easter. At actual Easter, there’s nothing much out.

    I worked at one of the biggest and busiest cinemas in the UK, so I know what it’s like, trust me…

    Digital will revolutionise everything. Especially as the latest 4K projectors look gorgeous and way better than film. I think after the BBC showed that 3D match last year, we’ve got to expect that on something soon now there are several hundred 3D projectors around the place. This sort of special programming will just grow I think.

    According to the industry magazine that was dumped on my desk this morning (I still work for an exhibitor) plans for a UK digital rollout are fairly advanced now, so if it happens I think it’ll just snowball from there…

  • Which one you work at Mr Flibble?

    neandercarl, im a sup. so Im often running about. Feel free to throw a smeg head remark my way!

  • I was at ODEON Printworks in Manchester. They have IMAX and things there.

    Aren’t the vue and Cineworld in Cardiff just round the corner from each other? The vue being in the Millennium Stadium?

  • Kinda. About a mile or so in distance. The new St.Davids shopping center is being built around the Cineworld atm, and the bus station (which currently sits on VUE’s doorstep) is moving next to the CIA (on CIneworlds doorstep, quite literally) so come summer… It should be hell. The VUE is not as accessable as Cineworld, but atm because of the construction site…Cineworld is pretty tricky to access.

    It’s such a pain in the ass that there’s no IMAX in Cardiff. It was bad enough the IMAX in Bristol closed. Red Dwarf… in IMAX…

  • Also, ask half the residents of cardiff where VUE cinema is… they wouldnt have a clue.

  • I used to head up the casino next to Cineworld after a night out in Cardiff to wait for the train home to Bridgend… it’s like 6am! You’re right about the construction being a pain in the arse.

    > Feel free to throw a smeg head remark my way!

    If anyone ever comes up to you, plants a smacker on your check, and shouts “Evaaaaaaaaaaansssssssss! How are ya? I don’t believe it, it’s you! I’ve missed ya man! Give us a kiss ya smelly ole smegger”…. well maybe it’s me.

  • I’ve only been through the bus station in Cardiff, which is how I know where the vue is ;) (Will have to come and have a nose round one day, it always looked quite a nice city)

    IMAX had the issue of being a documentary format mostly for many years, and there’s only so many people who want to watch another bloody film about fish. Which I should imagine is why lots of them closed down (Trocadero, Bournemouth, Bristol etc).

    But now there is a big blockbuster out on it every few months, it can make money by showing films people actually want to watch, and if you were lucky enough to see The Dark Knight in IMAX, you’ll know it was the best thing ever ever ever.

  • neandercarl, DO IT! It would be a great performance!

    Mr Flibble, GUTTED I missed Dark Knight in IMAX. I say IMAX FOR ALL!!!

    Cardiff is a great city, Cardiff bay is great fun. Definatley worth a wonder around.

  • I had a fit in VUE in Cardiff once. They cut up the sleeve of one of my favourite jumpers.


  • I had a fit in a library once. They cut off my trouser leg and put it on one of the shelves.

    I thought to myself “well, that’s a turn-up for the books”.

  • Someone I know lives in a smart flat just off the Bay (in with his job, the utter utter bastard). Tbh even though it’s all well and good around there I find it to be, I don’t know, a little false (maybe not the right word). I’ve had a few meals in the Terra Nova bar (takes bloody forever for the food to come, and the price…though I’ve only paid once!). REAL Cardiff is down the road from there!

    This week I was really considering going to the Batman Begins/Dark Knight IMAX double bill at Manchester Odeon, but atm I’m more bothered about Watchmen at the weekend!

  • This week I was really considering going to the Batman Begins/Dark Knight IMAX double bill at Manchester Odeon

    It’s great, but just serves to show how many times better Dark Knight is than Batman Begins.

  • Cineworld in Cardiff? I go to the film quiz there every Thursday, it’s a good laugh. Although we always (and I mean always) suck on the picture rounds.

  • Today’s TOS update has another juicy pic. But I’m sure the G&T guys’ll have that up soon. I just wanted to voice my pleasure. :)

  • We’d already covered all the news TOS updated with this week, so we decided a separate story was unnecessary.

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