Lookie here – the Guardian has their own exclusive clip from Back To Earth. It consists mostly of the X Factor gag from John Lewis/Price Smashers, but there’s a brand new shot of Carbug tearing down Coronation Street at the beginning. Lovely stuff.

As for the write-up, they repeat the info from SFX that Kochanski is dead and Holly is down because Lister left a tap on. We have to nitpick, however, about the implication that the shows are only set on Earth because the original sets no longer exist. Apart from anything else, they’ve built a bunch of new sets, including a brand new bunkroom. This seems to be the new “there was a huge budget increase for Series III” or “they only stopped doing model shots because they blew up Red Dwarf”.

Still. Exclusive content popping up on the website of a mainstream newspaper. What will happen next? Keep ’em peeled, guys…

ADDITIONAL: As p2p points out in the comments, this is also today’s