Nothing too exciting in today’s TOS update, but to be perfectly honest I think we’ve had quite our fill of goodies for this week, don’t you? You greedy fucker.

  • GRR. ARG. – It’s been a lovely experience thus far, and once again hats off to GNP, Red Bee, Dave and whoever else for putting it all together. As you may have expected, the article confirms we’ve not yet reaped the full rewards from this game, so keep ’em peeled.
  • Aw, FANKOO! – In what can only be described as a lovely gesture, Andrew’s posted an item bigging up what seems like the entire production crew who, we’ve been previously informed, have been working for fractions of their usual fees for the opportunity to make New Dwarf. Regardless of the opinions of the episodes, you can be sure G&T towers will be ringing with the grateful sound of applause when the credits roll.
  • RTFM – Finally there’s a very handy roundup of the salient Back to Earth facts, ready and primed to be thrown in the idiotic face of anyone without the common decency of knowing EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SPECIALS EVER.

That’s yer lot, then. It’s possible we’re in for a quiet weekend, but I’m willing to bet *something* will show up soon, but as usual there really is only one place to be for all the latest developments. And that place is looking over si’s shoulder while he murders his F5 key.

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  • It’s interesting how it kept being mentioned how teeny tiny the budget was and yet the production values are ‘beyond anything the show has ever had’. This is amazing. I suppose we can’t be grateful enough to those who worked on BtE for perhaps less pay. If they were Dwarf fans maybe they were like ‘fuck yeah, I’d do it for free!’ just to get the chance to work on Dwarf.

  • >If they were Dwarf fans maybe they were like ?fuck yeah, I?d do it for free!? just to get the chance to work on Dwarf

    Norm said that, and they told him he was still too expensive.

  • No, and I reckon he’s furious that they’ve replaced him with someone who’s just gonna copy his act (Winkleman)

  • Would anyone actually liked to have seen Norm in these specials? I can’t decide. Although he was a vital member of the team in his heyday I’m not sure there’d have been room for him in 70 odd minutes, without compromising the story. He didn’t add much to VIII did he?

  • Considering the way he has treated GNP and generally moaned about us fans, nope, not at all bothered, I’m happy he’s not in them. If anyone plays Holly again, I hope it’s Hattie.

  • Yeah I’d love to see Hattie again. When given good material, as in White Hole, she rose to the challenge very well.

  • > Agreed. But not in that wig from Beat the Geek.

    It was far too short for a computer, anyway.

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