Pointed out by Teatime over in the forum, but I think worth spotlighting – not least because it’s the front page lead of today’s G2 – is this rather nice Craig Charles interview by Decca Aitkenhead.

Craig, as we’ve come to expect ever since that appearance at DJ, is rather more humble and honest nowadays, and it makes him an engaging subject – but it’s also good to see yet another newspaper journalist treating the show’s return with respect and enthusiasm. You can’t help but feel that only a year ago the tone might have been rather more sneering (perhaps not from Decca, if she actually likes the show, but from the media in general), but having what I’m going to spontaneously start calling “New Who Syndrome” applied to Dwarf (see also : the rather enthusiastic blurb about the new shows in today’s Metro, as pictured right) is an altogether pleasing development.

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