Not a teaser! Not behind the scenes footage! Not a hoax! Not a dream! Not an imaginary story! A proper trailer with proper clips!

If you can’t be bothered to go to SCD98247 and put your code in, have a link to the FLV (courtesy of hummingbird) or watch it on Youtube (thanks, PeaJay). And then come and join us as we put on our nitpicky specs and brandish the fine-toothed comb.

Blimey. Pretty bloody spectacular, isn’t it? Let’s go through snippet by snippet :

  • Ooh, an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device! Where did they get one of those from, then? Has Norman Lovett been replaced by Ellen McLain? Anyway, if that thing isn’t opening a rent in the time-space continuum/hole into the past/magic door that allows our intrepid crew to get Back to Earth, then I’ll eat my hat. Note that Katerina’s sat at some kind of console while this is going on. And we’re in a HUGE CARGO BAY of some kind. But we’ll get to that later.
  • The guys running through the Chinatownish bit, followed by the guys walking through Richmond, and the guys in the diving bell thing that SFX had pictures of. SEEN IT. This trailer’s RUBBISH!
  • Katerina appears! This trailer’s FUCKING BRILLIANT. Oh, God, she’s lovely. Terrific shot of the four of them standing around – note Kryten’s wearing water wings, Lister’s in his diving outfit, and Cat’s in Boogie Nights. Note also the cunning bit of “trailer editing” to make it look like the “I hate her” bit is from the same scene, which is CLEARLY ISN’T. Anyway, another superb bit of Barrie delivery, and I’d also say that’s probably the first time we’ve properly seen Craig actually being Lister. Spot on, too.
  • Kryten pratting about in a Hawaiian shirt. This is already proving contentious among You Lot, but it’s the sort of thing that’s impossible to judge devoid of context. Doesn’t the bunkroom look fucking gorgeous lit that way, though? Lovely sweeping camera shot, as well.
  • Carbug! So I guess that answers the question of whether it’s roadworthy. I don’t care what you say, I love it to tiny little green pieces.
  • “YOU COULD HAVE GOT US ALL KILLED!” Okay, this has got to be something to do with the Leviathan – I’m guessing it’s in the immediate aftermath of their scuffle with it. The purple tentacle looks a little rubbery, but we’ll let it slide for now. Note that not only does Lister look bruised and bloodied, but Rimmer appears to have a massive cut on his forehead. Despite being a hologram. INTERESTING. Incidentally, did we know before seeing him catch the tentacle that he’s definitely hard light in this?
  • IT’S A GIANT WATER TANK. And oh my fucking holy sweet lord, Red Dwarf (the ship, I mean, not the show) has never looked so good. Alright, I know it’s just a big matte painting, and the whole thing’s been done on greenscreen. But you know what? That’s worthy of Doctor Who. That’s magnificient. Finally, finally, finally, after twenty-one years, the vastness of the ship as communicated to us by the novels has been realised, and on a tiny-budget digital TV production, too. That’s not intending any disrespect to the model unit and their superb work creating the hangers for VIII and the like, by the way. CGI and matte will never have the same tangible feel as models, we all know that. But purely considering the budget involved… that’s nothing short of phenomenal.
  • And as if to emphasise the brilliance of the effects… Rimmer fading from view and his light bee (having first been zapped by something?) zooming through the air, and utterly lovely shot in both conception and execution. Anyone else getting a distinct Last Human vibe off that bit?

And, a brief bit of Lister and another shot of the diving bell aside, there you have it. It’s just… I’m still dumbstruck by it. It’s Red Dwarf. It looks different to any Red Dwarf we’ve seen before, but… it’s still Red Dwarf. That might just be hearing the music playing out underneath the clips, but it now really feels like we’ve reached a day we all thought would never come. And the way that the show looks has surely exceeded all our wildest expectations. That’s not to say we know this is going to be brilliant – because when it comes to Dwarf, the comedy is arguably (well, we’ll argue it) more important than the sci-fi. And the comedy side of it, the odd glimpse aside, isn’t something that the pre-publicity and trailers have really given us a sense of – understandable, really, as comedic context is a far harder thing to put across in a trailer than “here’s a fucking gorgeous shot of a Russian science officer cargo bay”. But come on, if you’re not excited in some way (most likely sexually) by that trailer, then you really are reading the wrong site.

Six days, twenty-three hours and five minutes to go. They’re going to crawl.


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  • Even my youngest brother was excited by this, and, being a teenager, he barely even moves.

    This is a good thing.

  • I am liking the look of this a lot.

    Red Dwarf itself looks terrific, green-screened in or not.

  • Fantastic trailer. The CG sets look IMPRESSIVE. The ship looks as big as it does in the Smegazines.

  • That was even better than the Planet of the Dead trailer!!! Just have to get through one more week…

  • Now THAT was a trailer. Much better than the Blade-Runneresque one!

    And colour me impressed with the CG. Sweet effects as Rimmer is turned off!

  • Fuck! That is awesome – this is all too much excitement for one day, I think I need to lie down :oS

  • That CG is really nice, it makes the ship look bloody massive. Colour me extremely impressed.

  • >I don?t have a code.

    They’re really, really easy to get.

    Just follow the links from here….

    There are multiple on the site which lead to Rimmer’s message and on to Kryten’s video message.

    In case it’s due to the lack of webcam… I don’t either. Just select ‘NO’, when they ask, listen to Kryten’s message and you get the code at the end.

  • Over 10,000 people have put in a code now, staggering figure for such an obscure site especially when the video’s are easier to find on you tube.

  • And yes, the trailer was brilliant!

    The special affects are very impressive. And is this the first time we’ve seen Katarina in an actual trailer? (Not including the behind the scenes stuff.) Big clue of how they get to Earth too…

  • Everything *looks* incredible, but I still have no idea what to expect in terms of humour (which, to me, is key to what makes Red Dwarf great). It would have been nice after that *meh* riff on reality TV to get a trailer with some actual funny in it to give me a bit more hope.

    But oh, well, I haven’t entirely given up yet, just keeping my expectations to an absolute minimum so as to enjoy it on its merits and not be disappointed if it doesn’t live up to the classics.

  • > Over 10,000 people have put in a code now, staggering figure for such an obscure site especially when the video?s are easier to find on you tube.

    *100,000. Pretty amazing, I thought they’d shot too high with that figure being the ‘unlock’ figure. Was worried we wouldn’t actually get there before the specials aired!

  • Now we know what the rubber tenticle to which Bobby was reffering to in the behind the scenes video is some sort of alien from another dimension, or the despair squid, or the Rani, thinking about it we don’t know much about rubber tenticle.

  • Wait, 100,000? It was like 5000 the other day, wow! Well atleast we know the ratings will be good if 100,000 bother to go through this site, wow.

  • FUCKING HELL should be the name of this news article aswell when i saw the doctor who trailer i was looking forward to it and it was pretty lame and i just saw this and WOW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 1 WEEEEEK TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Planet of the Dead Trailer views = 1
    Back to Earth views = atleast 5

    I must say comparing the green screen work on both I am more conviced by Dwarf.

    I do agree, the Kryten dance looks fantastic even taken out of its context.

  • First Dwarf trailer I’ve been playing over and over and over again, I must say…

    But I agree with bewtifulfreak – until I see the show and start laughing, I’m going to remain uneasy. Hugely excited, but uneasy.

  • It looks fantastic, it really does.

    Oh, and the BBC have today recommisioned Shooting Stars for a new series. Surely Red Dwarf is next.

  • Really don’t like some of the green screen stuff in that. Hate Kryten fucking about in a Hawaiian shirt. Rather like the bit with Rimmer and his lightbee.

    That is all.

  • “I HATE her!” sold me. It’s brilliant, hilarious and it feels so Rimmer-ish.

  • As the kids these days say – Kryten + Hawaiian Shirt = WIN^1.C.N.R.H.K.*

    *1 Chuck Norris Round House Kick.

  • >How can you not like Kryten in a Hawaiian shirt?!

    Because Kryten used to be a sensible, thoughtful character with occasional eccentricities, and he’s seemingly been replaced by an overacting buffoon with a collection of stupid voices and bizarre hissy fits.

    Compare Camille to Krytie TV. That’s not character development, that’s just pandering for laughs by changing a character.

    Also see: Homer Simpson.

  • I guess I’m in a minority loving wacky robot Kryten, though I thing he is the greatest toilot cleaner in the galaxy in whatever Series he appears in.

  • Two Excellent Things.

    1) I’m a big fan of ‘Last Human’ because of the Rimmer-Kochanski dynamic. Rimmer despising her, but because she’s a superior officer he blindly obeys rank. It appears from the trailer that something similar might be going on here.

    2) Pause the trailer as Kryten dances in with his briefcase. Look to his left. That’s either a skutter or Lister’s spacebike surely?

  • Actually maybe it’s just ‘a bike’, but still it was bloody exciting for just a moment.

  • I kind of agree: dancing Kryten is reminiscent of Mr Wacky Robot, a name someone on here gave latterday Kryten. Hopefully that aspect of his character has been toned down since Series VIII.

  • Brilliant trailer.

    Anyone else notice they’ve sped up the Dwarf theme ever so slightly? Wonder if that’s going to be on the actual show itself like that.

    Yes I notice the pointless things me :)

  • I can’t imagine any possible way in which that stilted Russian accent could start to get annoying.

    No possible way whatsoever.

    Despite the fact that one single line has made me shudder, I’m sure it’ll be absolute music to my ears for three solid episodes.

  • >Note that not only does Lister look bruised and bloodied, but Rimmer appears to have a massive cut on his forehead. Despite being a hologram.

    Looks to me like pink goo, Kryten has it on him when he is bringing up Katerina too.

  • I believe this is the first confirmation of Rimmer (and Katerina) being hard-light, yes. Before this, the blue hinted in that direction, but that [IIRC] was it.

  • Just gotten home from work. Finally watched the trailer.


    Consider my excitement levels to have just gone through the roof, people :D

  • Glad you liked the vfx – we had a great team – and excellent source material.


  • Looks very lovely.

    But will it be funny?

    If it’s not, it is a fail.

    If it is, then it’s going to be bloody brilliant.

    Simple as that.

  • I find it funny, I was laughing when Carbug appeared, when Kryten danced, when they were all holding on as they were being sucked into the portal. Oh I just realised what the wire stuff was for, falling into that portal, ahhhhh.

  • > Ooh, an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device! Where did they get one of those from, then?

    I presumed that it’s a modified version of the magic mirror parallel universe opening gun from Only the Good…

  • *sigh* Doesn’t it all look lovely?

    (And nothing like any other sitcom or, arguably, TV show ever.)

  • I’d give my false teeth for a HQ version of this trailer. But I don’t have false teeth and I’m not keen to part with my real ones so….anyone know if there’s plans to make a HQ version available?

  • I like the reaction to Katerina in the trailer. It’s like Rimmmer being when Ace Rimmer first arrived and Lister being like when Kochanski arrived.

  • I’m interested to see whether Mr B plays him as original Rimmer or series VIII Rimmer, or somewhere inbetween. The clips we have seen (‘I hate her’, escalator scene) seem more like original Rimmer.

  • Remind me again, isn’t there a program called Doctor Who on over the Easter weekend as well? that trailer is brilliant, it’s short and sweet and highlights the truly spectacular work that can be done on a small budget. even if The Doctor does get more viewers on Easter Day, Red Dwarf will be highlighting that you don’t need a big budget to make great TV.

  • Is it just my imagination or can you hear Katerina laughing at them all when they’re being sucked into the portal? And why the hell is she so unaffected by it anyway??

  • ” Who?s the ?mikeseymour? sock?”

    The guy responsible for the fucking awesome looking VFX which we’ve all been wanking over in this thread.

  • > How can you not like Kryten in a Hawaiian shirt?!

    >> I guess I?m in a minority loving wacky robot Kryten

    I think Kryten in the Hawaiian shirt is fun… a wacky aspect to Kryten seems authentic to me (within reason)*, as he learned to let go and have fun in “The Last Day”, and had the appropriate hat on when they were going fishing in “Dimension Jump”, not to mention it makes sense that he would pick up traits from his human companions after so many years. And it seems fitting if they’re taking a deliberate journey for him to choose to dress accordingly (again, I’ve been avoiding spoilers for the most part, so I don’t know what the actual premise for their journey is).

    * [The wacky Kryters of “Krytie TV” is so *not* Kryten to me, but as I remember, he was re-programmed in that episode, so it wasn’t supposed to be the ‘real’ Kryten, as it were.]

    What I do mind is, as was mentioned, whiney Kryten. The fact that, in these new episodes, he still has the Series 7 & 8 ‘pouty’ mouth bodes a bit (*man*, do I hate that mouth), but again, I’m reserving judgement until I actually see where they go with it all. The look could just be a visual choice this time around, not necessarily accompanied by more robo-whining. So we shall see…

  • To be fair, we’ve only seen ‘wacky’ Kryten for a couple of seconds in that clip.
    I can’t see him being played like that for all three eps – that would just get very old, very quickly.

  • Very true… and in the little bit we did see of him actually speaking, on the escalator, he seemed very much ‘typical’ Kryten. All the more reason the Hawaiian shirt seems like just a bit of innocuous fun to me.

  • Yes that was me – is me.
    Interested to read your comments both as someone who worked on the show and as a fan.
    I also enjoyed your podcast discussing the show BEFORE it goes to air !! Anyway all the effects team have been following this site – especially enjoyed the original ship discussion from the trailer teaser.
    For the false teeth person, yes everything has been done HD 1920×1080 4:4:4 10bit. so there is loads of detail in those shots.


  • we are not worthy, Mike you are too good to us

    That’s pretty much sums up GNP/Red Dwarf in general, really.

  • Hi new here anyway just wanted to say I just saw this trailer on Dave 10 minutes ago and it’s so much more clear than the one on the SCD site and that’s not a wound on Rimmers head or Listers face and Kryten’s head (when Katrina appears)it looks more like leviathan guts/blood etc. But that is my opionion maybe right maybe wrong just thought I’d metition it

  • Welcome to G&T RDFan!

    I’m yet to see the trailer on Dave. if it is leviathan entrails, it’d make more sense. Based on this assumption, this Red Dwarf special may be more graphic than previous adventures. The goriest it’s ever been would be Psirens. Yes?

  • ‘For the false teeth person, yes everything has been done HD 1920×1080 4:4:4 10bit. so there is loads of detail in those shots.’

    Thanks for the update Mike, nice to see you on here

    ‘For the false teeth person, yes everything has been done HD 1920×1080 4:4:4 10bit. so there is loads of detail in those shots.’

    Ahh, so it wasn’t shot in 4k then.

  • re my HD comments – we shot on the RED mostly 4K (99%) I was commenting on the master. No one in the TV industry masters at 4K. Most features such as Knowing etc dont master 4K, it is a capture issue, not a mastering format. I hope that clears that up.


  • ”re my HD comments – we shot on the RED mostly 4K (99%) I was commenting on the master. No one in the TV industry masters at 4K. Most features such as Knowing etc dont master 4K, it is a capture issue, not a mastering format. I hope that clears that up.”

    Ah right i see cheers for clearing that up, i’m woefully ignorant on the technical aspect of it, my apologies. So Essentially 4k is virtually the same resolution that 35mm films have, so BTE will look like a film basically, so perfect on a cinema screen:)

  • Having watched all of the trailers, I guess I would agree with the earlier posters who said that they were looking forward to the shows but apprehensive.

    Certainly, considering the budget, the effects look good and I am pleased that the show is going to be so different from Series VIII.

    Having never been a sci-fi fan though, I don`t mind that much what it looks like as long as it doesn`t distract from everything else.

    It is a little strange that no clips with any real humour have been included in the trailers but hopefully they are just being held back in order to avoid spoiling the show. The shots of Kryten cause concern as well but it is obviously far too early to judge how anything will turn out.

  • > The goriest it?s ever been would be Psirens. Yes?

    No, it has to be Polymorph. They don’t give out warnings for nothing, you know.

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