Everything you need to know, there. So, now we know what that map’s been zooming in on…

Amazing, really, to see the lengths UKTV are going to with promoting these specials. Even at it’s height, Dwarf never got this kind of thing. A Red Dwarf event in fucking Berkeley Square. With the cast (minus Lloyd), Carbug, and – perhaps most excitingly – a chance to meet loads of other fans. We’ll see you there, yeah? (At least three of the G&T team will be there by 2pm.) This could quite possibly be one of the most exciting things to ever happen ever.

And yet… weirdly, the five minute preview available to those lucky 500 people has sent us all reeling slightly. Like many, we’re having a fucking epic Back to Earth party over the bank holiday; do we really want to see a five minute preview? The answer is, well, no – we want to experience the whole thing at once, together, on that Friday night.

Up until now, we’ve treated everything official as fair game when it comes to spoilers; material coming out of Dave and GNP doesn’t count, as far as we’re concerned. And whilst at other times we’ll hunt out cool stuff for you, we deliberately haven’t been digging for Back to Earth spoilers from dodgy sources – we want to see the eps as spoiler-free as possible.

A five minute preview – even if it comes from Dave itself – is a slightly different proposition, however – and one that we probably won’t be indulging in. And we – and Dave – all know damn well the footage will be all over the net as soon as people get home. We’ll figure out a way of people to talk about it on here without it being mentioned in other threads – more details from us nearer the time.

Fucking exciting though, eh?

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  • Of course, there’s no way I can get there. Although, if any of my bestest fwiends ever got one of them thare memory sticks…

  • > if any of my bestest fwiends ever got one of them thare memory sticks?

    Did I ever mention that all the guys here at G&T are kind, generous and generally wonderful human beings?

  • I live in London, so that shouldn’t be too difficult. My main issue is expense. (I still have to get into central London.) Especially as I’d be getting footage that I’d kinda like to see as part of one block on the day.

    Thing is, we don’t know who or what else will be there. My curiosity is piqued.

  • I’m… actually not that bothered about seeing a five minute preview. I’m that psyched about the upcoming group experience of seeing NEW DWARF with all the folks that I don’t really want to ruin it by watching a whole five minutes. It’s the same reason I didn’t watch the Dark Knight opening scene. Trailers, yes. Entire scenes? Nah. The “go and see Carbug” thing sounds pretty cool, though.

    That said, at the weekend I met someone who’s driven it…

  • I’m off on Wednesday – but over 100 miles away with a 3 week old son… hmm. Babies *are* like dogs right? He’ll be OK for the day if I leave him in his basket with the radio on?

  • I’m going to try and make this.

    I wonder why Craig isn’t appearing? Up North filming Coronation Street?

  • >I wonder why Craig isn?t appearing? Up North filming Coronation Street?

    I’d imagine that it’s for this exact reason.

  • Yeah. I just have been getting the impression from interviews and the like that he’s slightly more reluctant about the whole venture than the others. So a part of me sees this and questions his enthusiasm. Then I ignore that part of me.

    On topic, look forward to meeting some of you next Weds!

  • >> I can?t believe I?m 200 bloody miles away.

    > Speak for yourself – I?m twice that distance away?

    … !

  • They should give some of them away at Bootle Golf Course, that is only down the road from me.

  • I’m not worried about the five minutes either, it was more carbug and whoever else shows up really.

  • > he?s slightly more reluctant about the whole venture than the others.

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Heaven and Earth were moved to get him for 14 days away from Corrie – and without Crag’s keenness, and that production’s generosity, it would never have happened. He’s been an absolute champion of Back to Earth.

  • It must be one hell of a dodgy curry if they already know he’s still going to be suffering the effects next Wednesday ;)

    Sounds like a good time for anyone who can make it. I would have thought that pointing out Lister’s absence would imply that the rest of the cast will be there.

  • All the time I’ve spent in London over the past two weeks, and Dave/GNP go and choose a date when I’ll be in chuffing LIVERPOOL.

    Can… can someone get me one? Please?

  • Cool.

    I am so there.

    Yay, the soul destroying emptyness of the post redundancy credit crunch experience.

    First filling days eating sugar puff sandwhiches and playing table golf, and now the joy of being free to be in London for this.

  • I’ve got Wednesday afternoon off work for this. You know when I jokingly suggested a G&T meet-up at whatever the mystery address in London was…?

  • I’m really impressed with how they’re promoting it.
    And only a few weeks ago we were worried about ratings.

  • Maybe you’ll only be able to watch them once and they’ll wipe themselves…. Also there might be some kind of program preventing the appearance of the first five mins on Youtube before friday.

  • Assuming Dave have got a partner account with YouTube, there’s some lovely software to automatically remove or monetise copyrighted videos that are uploaded by other users. But let’s face it – why would they hand out 500 copies to the hardest of hardcore Red Dwarf fans if they didn’t want people to see it? It’s destined to get out.

  • Sorry, I misread it, thought I read the first five minutes. Either way, they’ll probably not want exclusive preview footage appearing online before it’s on TV. Will they?

  • Exactly. And five minutes isnt going to stop people watching the rest.

    I wonder if there will be dramatic climax editing up to add breaks? Would it be more like 10 minutes up to an add break?

    Oh and, this will have the “Title Sequence” then? If it’s got one.

  • > Fucking exciting though, eh?

    Yes. If you live near. If not then it’s fucking EQUALLY as exciting even thinking that something like this is happening! Who woulda thought?? I still don’t think it’ll reach much more than 500,000 though.

  • >Yeah. I just have been getting the impression from interviews and the like that >he?s slightly more reluctant about the whole venture than the others. So a part of >me sees this and questions his enthusiasm. Then I ignore that part of me.

    He has confirmed for Dimension Jump and this will be his second attendance in 10 years. I think he did used to be fairly reluctant, but in the past couple of years or so he seems to be much happier to be involved with the Red Dwarf community again. Perhaps Corrie fans really are that mental ;o)

    Also… what Andrew said :o)

  • It’s only april and is already shaping up to be the best year in Dwarf. Ever.

  • If I laugh at these shows, it will turn out to be the best year of my life so far.

    Apart from 2002, when I first did it with a lady.

  • >Ian and John – do you think they?d allow you guys to film the event for G&T?

    ^ This!

  • Will you be Dwarfcasting the event?

    Also, What if there is large screen at the event, showing the preview?

  • They may well let people film it. It’s only going to go straight online giving them more publicity.

  • I may well bring my camcorder if I can get it working, yes.

    As for the potential for a BIG SCREEN showing the preview – I wondered that myself. Deal with it if it happens, I guess!

  • I’d love to see how everything goes down since I can’t possibly be there. Not only would it make a nice blog, but maybe a Dwarfcast?

  • Depends what we can sort out equipment-wise for Wednesday. We’ll do our best. We’ll definitely have photos, at least.

  • I’ll probably come along. I mailed a mate and she’s up for it. I might not bother with the USB stick, but the cast will be nice to see. A first time for me, I’ve never been to any DJs.(Whether I’d actually talk to them giving the opportunity is doubtful, mind you.)

  • I’ve got a handheld mp3 voice recorder you can Dwarfcast create with real easy John. I may have once said on here about how Dwarfcasts inspired a podcast series we now do on the music websites I work on. It’s been real useful in creating those this last year.

    And I’ve a laptop with mobile broadband and plenty of battery power, and audacity editing software. If any of that is any use your welcome to use.

  • I just asked Bobby over Twitter if this event will be filmed. Here’s his reply. :)

    ‘I’m sure it will be filmed, it will make great extra material for the DVD. I can’t imagine Grant Naylor forgetting their cameras’

  • Also:

    Sadly, it does look like Craig will be in the Rover’s Return while we are all posing in Berkley Square, but he is joining us later hopefully

    So, that vindaloo might not have been so bad after all…

  • From Bobby’s twitter feed:

    As far as I know, we are in Berkley Square itself! Like, walking about, in costume, 1st time ever! Gulp.

    Just sounds better and better doesn’t it?

  • The promotion for these episodes has been absolutely exceptional, and I love the grassroots, get-’em-talking style of events like this.

    Even if I can’t be there. *sigh*

  • Apparently, there’s going to be lots of photo opps. I’ve asked Bobby to post a cast photo with a space for those of us who can’t make it to photoshop ourselves in.

  • I forgot to ask today if I could piss off for a couple of hours early. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.

  • I was trying to remain dispassionate about this, and tell myself that it was just another one of those things and I wasn’t bothered that I can’t go.

    Now I’m kind of miffed, though – it sounds huge. And if I could get away from work, I could be there in approximately ten minutes. Stupid end-of-financial-year.

  • Is Dave the one suggesting and paying for these events?

    It’s difficult to imagine the BBC going to these lengths had they commissioned the specials.

  • Seb, your not looking well. I think you might have to leave work early with a headache. I’m not a doctor. But if it’s a public building I can smash the fire alarm at short notice or phone in an anthrax warning or something if it helps.

  • Hey, I just read that attendees at AINC’s Fantastic Fest were expecting 10 minutes of the star trek movie, and got the whole thing. Persons attending will be sure to tell us if anything that mind meltingly awesome happens, yeah?

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