They always sneak up on us, don’t they? Just as we’re all preparing for tomorrow’s shenanigans and resigned to write today off as a rare slow news day, Dave go and publish a new video. It’s all about how weird it was for Craig to be filming with the Dwarf crew on the set of Corrie, but there’s also some fresh GUEST CAST NEWS to come out of it.

The first is confirmation that Simon Gregson will be appearing, although whether this is as “Steve McDonald” or as “Simon Gregson” is yet to be seen. We’ve known about Simon’s involvement for so long – since way back on what I now refer to as Headfuck Monday – that he’s pretty much disappeared from our minds, but it’s reassuring to hear Craig talk about his comedy attributes in such positive terms.

More interestingly, Simon will be joined by another member of the Corrie cast – Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina McIntyre. She’s only been in the show for just over a year, and I’m not too familiar with her – she’s certainly not as iconic for non-Corrie fans as Steve McDonald. But apparently she works at The Kabin, which the crew (bar Lister, who’s guarding Carbug) visit at some point during their Corrie visit.

Now, this footage – especially in light of the spoilery revelations uncovered here – raises a lot of questions about the nature of the Corrie sequence. Are our crew on the set of Britain’s best-loved soap, or are they walking down a real cobbled street in Greater Manchester, which really has a pub called the Rovers? Some of you are convinced it’s the latter, but I’m not so sure – it could still go either way at this stage. And isn’t it amazing how close we are to transmission, with so much as yet unknown?

Other snippets gained from this video include:

  • Rimmer saying “good job, chaps, we were so authentic it was frightening”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
  • Before the crew go into The Kabin, you can see an open postbox – this is presumably just after Kryten unlocks it with his finger.
  • Lister uses the term “Carbug” in dialogue on Coronation Street. This is a minor disappointment – we’d rather hoped we’d coined the phrase on G&T on Headfuck Monday, and that the production had nicked it off us. Bah.
  • While in the pub, Lister says “what are you guys doing?” incredulously. It’s good to know that he and Doug worked out the exact level of incredulity beforehand.
  • I am really, really going to miss desperately unpicking snippets of information like this when it’s all over next week.

Three days, one hour and twenty-six minutes to go…

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  • I just posted this on the forum, but I’ll add it here as well.

    At the start, right after you hear ?Action? you can hear someone saying ?Good job chaps. We were so authentic it was frightening.?

    So, does someone think that they’re just pretending to be the Dwarfers and doesn’t realise that it really is them?

  • I heard the ‘so authentic’ bit – I thought it was Rimmer talking about a telegraph pole.

  • That’s possibly the best headline ever. She’s gorgeous, and Craig’s right about how funny Simon Gregson is in Corrie.

  • > another member of the Corrie cast – Michelle Keenan

    A worthy typo, this. “Charles Keenan, he was pretty famous.” “What did he do?” “Ate his wife.”

  • A worthy typo, this. ?Charles Keenan, he was pretty famous.? ?What did he do?? ?Ate his wife.?

    Stupid subliminal brain. I was pondering whether to use “Michelle Keegan, she was pretty famous” as the headline instead…

  • Coronation Street will surely be Coronation Street. Not a random Mancunian street.
    This assumption comes from the camera at the beginning of the sequence taking a shot of the street sign.

    The question is whether the corrie actors will be playing themselves or their characters. Since Ms Keegan is behind the counter when Kryten walks into The Kabin, I’d assume she’s playing her character. I doubt the actress would just be hanging around in there without any other TV crew or cast.

    Other things include the fact that the Rovers seems to be an actual pub rather than the set as it looks like the crew will go from the street directly into the pub despite the exterior and interior evidently being two different sets.

    These are just random things that sprung to mind when watching the video so they might easily be shot down by things I’ve missed.

    Someone mentioned this somewhere else but… dimensions where tv shows are reality?
    Great site by the way.

  • Coronation Street will surely be Coronation Street. Not a random Mancunian street.

    Well, I know that. I meant: will it be Coronation Street or Coronation Street?

  • Craig?s right about how funny Simon Gregson is in Corrie.

    He really fucking is. He’s turned into a properly great character actor. I’d love to see him in a sitcom in a leading role. As it is, his appearance is one of the things I’m mostly looking forward to in this, bizarrely!

  • I was just showing my 10 year old daughter this story, and she says “I know shes in it!. Theres pictures in Nanna’s TV mag”. I’ve called my mother in law and she can’t remember which mag it was. Probably a Saturday soap mag. Apparently it had a picture of Lister with dreads in the chip shop talking to her!! I’m trying to find it, but without much luck! Maybe a proper soap magazine or may have been a newspaper supplement!! (More likely Sun or Mirror than Times or Guardian) Anyone else remember seeing this?

  • Not the Mirror’s – I’ve got that. Maybe it’s one of the specialist Soap Listings mags, the only ones I’ve not bought.

  • Got eye-ache from searching for it…………still no luck though. She is adamant that it was Lister with dreads and NOT Lloyd.

  • This saturday’s TV Mag, free with the The Sun*, on page 1 had a pic with all 4 cast members in the Kabin with Michelle behind the counter.

    *Scottish Sun, don’t know if the Mags are different.

  • I met her before she was famous. She was working as an airport check-in girl and clearly couldn’t be arsed with it all. So there.

    And yeah, from what I’ve seen Simon Gregson does have the potential to be a scene-stealer. I hope he gets a decent gag or two in BTE.

  • I think this has only just properly sunk in, deeper than…it’s possible for something to sink further in…than…to…sorta fing (stfu). I still can’t believe it when I see people talking about the Kabin and the Rovers on here. Just imagine if you came here after being in a coma for a few months, if this was the first thing you clicked on you’d probably think you were still in it (or you’d wish you were back in it, back in your lovely little 1973 made up world…).

    OK I think we can safely say they’re passing Corrie off as being (sort of) real. People standing at the bus stop, Michelle behind the counter at the Kabin (fake tits and all), characters drinking in the Rovers. Unless they’re trying to make us think the actors go drinking on a set in Manchester, instead of real pubs in Bowness. Simon Gregson IS great. Surely he IS playing Steve McDonald here. I have no idea how this would work though as far as use of characters from another show goes. Would they have to pay Corrie for the use of Steve?? They must have paid them for the use of the sets FFS.

    On another note, you’d think Corrie would be plugging this themselves. It’s definitely as much of a first for them as it is Dwarf, if you think about it. When are they ever gonna shoot on those sets in 4K again? 15 years down the line?? That’s if Corrie isn’t gone by then (which is a fucking possibility, what with ITV probably having approx. zero pounds by then).

    Btw that headline is just…see those straws over there? Those in Ian’s clutched grasp?

  • abotu 1 min in to the vid it looks like craig is sat next to simon in the rovers in normal clothes .. guessing he may be playing lloyd in this aswell

  • I think you might be right.

    Here’s a thought: “those responsible for their creation” is lloyd and they have to track him down.

  • >This saturday?s TV Mag, free with the The Sun*, on page 1 had a pic with all 4 cast members in the Kabin with Michelle behind the counter.

    Hmm, I will try and get that, I am low on toilet paper.

  • If they are actually searching for Craig (or Lloyd) could that mean they also seek out Bobby, Danny and Chris? There has to be some kind of car joke with Chris. His Jeremy Clarkson Carbug thing could be related. Or not. Danny running down the road in a pink dressing gown, Bobby driving Jo Brand around. A Norman cameo could also be funny. His spitting-the-dummy rant could be part of the episode.

  • > Other things include the fact that the Rovers seems to be an actual pub rather than the set as it looks like the crew will go from the street directly into the pub despite the exterior and interior evidently being two different sets.

    OOC, what’s actually in the buildings that make up the exterior sets? Production facilities?

  • I think they use them for storage and that. I seem to remember peeking through the windows while on the (much missed) Granada Studios Tour, but that was bloody years ago.

  • Yeah, I think they use them for storage.

    Don’t forget that the hallway inside is also mocked up based on the studio set, so it all looks correct when they shoot outside looking in.

  • I went on the tour as well when I was a kid. Great stuff.

    I don’t watch Corrie – I know, shocking! – so I was amused to see that the kebab shop’s called Prima Doner. Oh my sides!

  • It’s someone who gives their organs for medical purposes. It is also a type of kebab, which can also be spelt ‘donner’, but either is acceptable.

  • What?s a ?doner??

    I would have been astounded if someone had picked up on the Family guy reference in here.

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